Healthy Food Options for Autumn Season

Healthy Food Options for Autumn Season

Our diet plan should change just as we change our choices and selections of our style and clothing according to the season. The beautiful and pleasing autumn season is knocking at the door and you need to be prepared to enjoy it fully. Maintaining healthy eating habits without compromising on the taste of the food is an art. If you learn how to create a balance between the two, you will never be eating dull and boring food again. Our body needs nutrition as much as our taste buds need luscious food. The colder the season gets the more you will have to keep your diet maintained for better immunity ad increased energy. We have selected a list of healthy food options you can eat in the autumn season.


As much as people would deny it, pizzas are extremely nutritious and healthy. A single pizza slice is equal to the nutrition of a whole meal. Why? Pizza is made with a lot of ingredients. The base or crust of the pizza is whole-grain wheat that is easy to digest.  The presence of cheese, meat, sausages, and pepperoni fulfils your body’s need for proteins, calcium, sodium, carbohydrates, and essential fats. The rest of the toppings adds more to nutrition factors. Tomatoes have lycopene that helps fight serious diseases like cancer. In short, if you are looking for healthy food like yummy pizzas, rush to your nearest restaurant or visit and call to order one.

Seasonal fruits

Seasonal fruits such as apple, cranberries, bananas, and pear are very beneficial to maintain a healthy diet in the autumn season. You can cut all of these fruits together as a fruit salad or top them up on your breakfast cereal to make it a whole meal. Apples have a lot of valuable antioxidants such as quercetin. The presence of pectin in apples also balances your cholesterol levels. Cranberries are a delight to eat raw as well as mixed with cereals. They are very rich in vitamin C. Bananas are an excellent source to get potassium. They keep your body energized all day. Pears are also a juicy and tasty autumn fruit that can be used in jellies, jams, and fruit salads. You can also make a glass of pear juice in the morning to get all essential dietary fibres and vitamin C.

Broccoli soup

A single cup of broccoli soup contains all the essential vitamins you need. If you add some chicken and parmesan to make the taste scrumptious, it will also make it full of proteins and essential calories. You can have a cup of this soup as an evening snack or in brunch time.


Eating fish in the autumn season is a great way to restore your energies. Fish has ample amount of omega-3 and different oil and amino acids that makes it good for the immune system. The best seasonal fishes for autumn ae the swordfish, Petrale Sole, and Red Grouper. All these fishes can be baked, cook, fried and barbequed easily so that you can have complete nutrition in a delightful manner.

We hope you will find this list of healthy food options useful as you prepare yourself to be fit in the autumn season.

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