Has Instagram Redefined Web Design in the Online Market Today?

Has Instagram Redefined Web Design in the Online Market Today?

Instagram is not only a popular social media platform with over 800 million users today. It is an excellent inspiration for web designers and developers across the world. This simple to use and navigate platform has redefined the web design market for online businesses. If you are a smart businessman and wish to get the best out of your business, creating a synergy between web design and this platform will surely give you a competitive edge in the market with success. Now, the question is how?

Instagram and web design- the powerful duo!

Ever since its advent in 2010, Instagram has been a roaring success in the online market. This simple to download and use mobile application eradicated the need of a computer to upload photographs taken from a mobile phone. The mobile application directly allows you to not only upload pictures but enhance their appeal with beautiful photo filters. That is not all; It has inspired web designers across the world with its flexibility and functionality. They have learned lucrative lessons from this platform and incorporated them on their websites to improve user engagement and returns on investment in different business niches.

Drawing inspiration from Instagram

Websites across the world draw inspiration from this platform. This social media platform has transformed the way people view web design today. Users love it primarily because of its flexibility and functionality. If you can incorporate the same levels of flexibility and functionality in your website, you will see an improvement in targeted traffic to your site. The number of real Instagram followers will increase, and you get visitors that become loyal customers with the passage of time. 

Capture the mood of your audience

If you can adequately capture the mood of your targeted audience, you effectively can increase lead conversions by making small changes to your website. You can also make small changes to your logo design. The logo should connect with the targeted audience. It is the face of your business. It helps you project the image of your company to the world. When you are creating a logo for your business, it should be professional and high in quality. The above adds to the user experience and improves the levels of commitment to your website. If a user spends more time on your site, you get an advantage in SEO as well. The bounce rate reduces, and thus indirectly contributes to high search engine ranks as well.

Examine the latest trends and incorporate changes

Many online businesses have underrated the power of this platform. It is not just a photo-sharing platform. Smart companies have recognized the immense potential this platform has to change business dynamics and make it a potent platform for you to grab a competitive edge in the market and double targeted traffic.

Combine the power of website design and Instagram to become a market leader. Examine the latest trends on the platform and incorporate small changes in your business website to grab attention and gain a competitive edge in the market with the passage of time.

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