A Guide to Buy Hemp Clones and What Are the Benefits!

A Guide to Buy Hemp Clones and What Are the Benefits!

As we enter into 2019, many are yearning to start off with their plans for growing hemp this season. And, after the 2018 farm bill has been passed, it led to growing new opportunities adequately, provoking more farms to strive hemp licenses. This, in turn, has stimulated demand for provable, sustainably grown, top-quality hemp seeds and clones among those looking to buy hemp clones.

In the United States, hemp varieties having less than 0.3% THC may be cultivated under USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) approved license, while hemp varieties with a higher percentage of THC may not, as they are advised too high for drug use. Whether you are a retailer or a farmer, sourcing high-quality CBD raw material should your topmost priority.

What Makes Hemp Clones Better Than Seeds?

Buying CBD hemp clone in abundance is a perfect way, to begin with, your crop by eliminating the uncertainty aspect in hemp seeds.

Let’s have a look at other benefits when you buy hemp clones:

Gender Is Important!

Just like other plants, hemp plants are also either male or female. The female hemp plant is used in CBD extraction because of its high CBD content in the hemp flower. A plant will be female if a seed will grow to a height of certain inches that can take a few weeks or more. Then you need to remove the male plants as they will just seed your female plants, thus lowering their CBD production quantity.

In contrast, hemp clones are always the same gender as the mother plant from which it was extracted. Therefore, instead of wasting all the time, tethering with regular hemp seeds, produce from the clone and start crop that you know is female.


All hemp plants are not necessarily reliable and potent. When you produce hemp from seed, you can understand the strain. Moreover, even if you pay more for feminized hemp seeds to know the sex, you may not see the quality.

On the other hand, when you buy hemp clones, growing from them is always beneficial; they are cut from a mother plant, which is the strongest and vibrant plant. Since they grow identically, you have the assurance that it will match the high-quality factor.

Growing From A Clone Is Much Faster!

Producing hemp form clones take less time, unlike from seed that can take a month to several weeks. Therefore, it allows you to outreach harvest soon and the plants more crops potentially in a single plot in the same period.0

Clones Require Less Care!

The process of seedlings is much more sensitive than clones. They need more care and observation. With clones, you can successfully grow hemp with far less attention and effort. That means it's far more beneficial to buy hemp clones than seeds.

Check These Factors before You Buy Hemp Clones!

All of them are not necessarily the same, even if having the same variant from the same mother plant. To ensure you get the strongest, healthiest hemp clones, you must check each thoroughly before you decide to purchase it.

  • Check the roots if you can. They should be stringy, based on their length, and abundance.

  • Avoid clones with stumpy roots and those with yellow roots. Avoid them as well, with any hints of nutrient burn or root rot.

  • Check the soil to make sure no mildew and bugs are crawling over.

  • Also, Check the leaves and stalk for those issues. Bugs are more likely to be found on the underside of the leaves.

  • Check for any webbing on the clone's canopy as that shows spider mites. Furthermore, check the leaves for any discoloration say, browning or yellowing and burnt tips. Leaves should be green in color and vibrant.

We hope this guide helped you to make an informed decision to buy hemp clones for your requirements!

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