Getting Ready to Tackle Some of the Startup Problems & Challenges You May Encounter

Getting Ready to Tackle Some of the Startup Problems & Challenges You May Encounter

Today most independent-minded people dream of establishing their own startups so that they could become their own boss. However, many of them do not pursue their dreams because of the numerous problems and challenges associated with starting a small business on your own. It is pretty challenging to tackle all the issues at the initial stages and then sustain the business, keep it running, and make it profitable. Some of the key obstacles or challenges encountered by startup owners are:

Aggressive Competition

Presently the fast-paced digital era promises fierce competition at all levels of corporate life. There is intense competition between corporate giants. Moreover, keen competition could be one of the greatest threats to the survival and sustenance of new startups. Moreover, if you are trying to set up an online startup, you are doomed; be prepared to face a stiff competition that tends to be far more challenging than others.

The vicious competition existing in the current business scenario compels the startups to be constantly on their toes to achieve their business goals as there is no scope for any errors. Both B2B and B2C organizations actually feel the direct impact of severe competition. If you wish to survive and sustain in this highly competitive business environment, you need to play your cards wisely and definitely aggressively for the much-desired recognition and ultimate business success.

Poor Funding

The vast majority of people who want to start a business usually don't go through with it because they are unable to secure the necessary funds to get started or to see it through to some extent. The biggest roadblock to a business which makes a lot of money in the future is the fact that you can't quite make money unless you inject a significant amount of funding in the beginning. Fiscal risk-taking is pretty much the only way to start a business. Eventually, you are able to get a healthy cash flow going, to recoup the initial investment and quickly start making profits. Any startup will require a good deal of money when it is starting off, because the website, logos, marketing materials, merchandise etc. all need to be outsourced, and staffing and accounting is a big deal too. Securing this money isn't particularly easy either, which is why most people are discouraged from starting out. You may get in touch with reliable sites for learning more about effective finance and debt management solutions.

Time Constraints

If you're starting a business, you have got to go all-in. You can't do it part-time and are going to have to commit a lot of time, especially in the early stages. You must oversee recruitment, health and safety policies, and marketing materials to ensure they aren't issues in the future. Putting these off because you are continuing your day job would mean increasing the financial risk on the business end. It is very difficult to maintain a healthy work-life balance in the early stages of a startup for sure.

Unrealistic & Impractical Expectations

Success never comes alone and is always accompanied by expectations. Unfortunately, more often than not these expectations are over the top and impractical. Startups are heading for trouble because of unrealistic expectations attached to them. Success is surely short-lived and transient but expectations are never-ending. In this context, startups must focus on determining what are the more sensible and achievable expectations. They must consider translating the sensible expectations. Focus more on sustainability.

For succeeding in a truly competitive corporate world, it is essential for startups to entertain realistic and controlled expectations as per available resources.

Ignoring Sales & Marketing

Some startups become a flop show if they do not put in adequate resources into sales and marketing. Often startups take the shorter routes and depend on the word of mouth, or they assume that sales would be growing organically online. When startups do not focus their time and energy on chalking out marketing strategies and executing those strategies into practice, there is a possibility that they are heading toward disaster. It is impractical to wait for consumers to find you instead; it is wise to make the right moves for growing a customer base by following a structured promotional, sales, and marketing strategy.

No Experience or Historical Data

Unpredictability is a big issue with startups because they are usually run by people completely unfamiliar with the business landscape. Not knowing what is going to happen or lacking the foresight to map out response plans for things that may happen, could be fatal to any new business. This is really difficult to plan, especially if you are a pioneer in your field and are in uncharted territory. That said there are a number of markets that grow very rapidly and have a tremendous turnover. These are perfect for you to find a niche in, and also have a proven business model that you can adopt.

Lack of Proper Planning

It is incredible to see so many startups perish away due to the fact that they did not bother to chalk out a plan or simply did not consider covering all the bases. Core sectors such as sales, staffing, development, funding or skills shortage etc. must be incorporated in your meticulously structured business plan. However, your business plan must have room for enough flexibility if the situation so demands and you encounter an unexpected turn of events. It is important to devote some time to contingency planning, which is equally important to chalking out a meticulous business development plan.  Get all your information and details right.

Not Identifying the Right People

Certain skills are absolutely crucial to the success of your business. You must know how to determine the necessary skills for your business and ways to connect with the ideal staff and hire them as per your terms and conditions. When you get the right staff, you could rest assured that your startup would be thriving well. Delays in identifying the ideal personnel may culminate in serious bottlenecks and unexpected delays in rolling out brand new services and products. No startup could afford delays if they are looking for success.


For startup owners, it is natural to take numerous decisions. You may consider minimizing unnecessary distractions. Consider prioritizing more important and relevant decisions first. Remember startups would be encountering obstacles and challenges but many of them could be avoided with careful analysis and smart planning.

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