From Unromantic to Romantic – a Story of an Indian Couple

From Unromantic to Romantic – a Story of an Indian Couple

It was a cool winter night. The room was decorated with flowers. The environment was getting more romantic and erotic with a sweet fragrance. He was waiting for her to appear in a first night dress he gifted today.

When she came, he moved closer to her and hugged her from behind.

"You are looking so hot and sexy!" He whispered in her ears while kissing her neck. It felt so exciting to her.

He slowly started moving one hand down from her belly and started caressing her inner parts from over the dress. The fire of lust burst out of control and making their breaths heavy and warm.

She was in the haven and moaning with pleasure when he moved the other hand upward and grabbed her soft breast covered with the silky dress. It made her tits harder. She was very excited and struggling to stand.

Then he put his lips on her lips and started kissing passionately. She was feeling too hot now and was eagerly waiting for that moment when he will push his bulk inside her.

Soon he knew her desire from her moaning voice and got ready for making love. He posed her legs apart and prepared himself to enter, and...

Alarm rings...

Priya looks at the clock. It was already 6:00 am. She gets up with a smile on her face and sweet memories of her first night in mind. She remembers how her husband Anand lost his control when he saw her in a sexy first-night dress and how they enjoyed the night.

But the things were changed now. There was no more excitement in their married life. The romance was a rare thing and sex was happening only once or twice a month. Due to this distance between her and Anand at night, she was feeling stressed throughout the day. And this was being reflected in her behavior with her friends.

Priya was a beautiful but simple woman with sexy curves. But somehow her husband was not interested in spending romantic time with her now.

It had been a long time since she has not felt his romantic touch on her soft body. She was going through an agony from inside as her sexual desire was left unsatisfied for days. She badly wanted to have him every day or two, but Anand was not paying attention to this anymore.

"Why are you looking so tensed? Is everything fine?" Sonali asked Priya during a walk in the garden.

Sonali and Priya were best friends since their school time and luckily were neighbors after the marriage. They were very close friends sharing their feelings openly.

Priya said, "Nothing" by trying to hide her pain. But it was apparent from her face.

Being a married woman, Sonali was able to understand such problems after the marriage, especially when a woman is sexually deprived.

So she asked Priya again with a hint.

"Is everything fine with your married life and... nights?"

It was like pressure on a point, so Priya couldn’t stop her emotions. "Not fine, especially nights. It seems Anand has no interest in me now." She replied with tears in eyes.

"Hmmm, now I see what you are going through. As far as I know, you both were a very happy couple after the marriage. You are beautiful and he is handsome. So you must be enjoying the romantic time, but if not, there is something wrong."

"To be straight, are you having regular sex? If not, have you noticed any change in his physical health? Tired daily or any illness?" Sonali asked.

"No, he is perfectly fit," Priya replied.

"But the frequency of sex is reduced to once or twice a month. He is energetic as was before. We used to enjoy intercourse daily, but not sure why he doesn't ask for it now." She added.

"Then it seems the fault is on your side. I think you are not taking care of your look and maybe you have lost your sex appeal. Why don’t you try sexy babydoll dress and lingerie at night?", Sonali said.

This comment from Sonali tickled Priya’s mind.

"What? My fault? Are you sure trying sexy nightwear will work?" She disparately asked.

"Of course! But you also have to be seductive in your moves. Show your curves and private beauty. You know what I mean. I am sure he won’t be able to ignore it." Sonali replied with a suggestion.

That night, Priya prepared herself with hot nightwear. Created a fragrant environment and acted like they are going to have their first night. And it worked like a magic!

They enjoyed that night with full of passion. The same was repeated the next day and then the day after that.

Now it has been more than 6 months and they are enjoying their romantic life like a newlywed couple.

She was very thankful to Sonali for her advice.

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