Fashion Advice: Footwear to Bring During a Getaway

After a few stressful work weeks, there are those times where you will just need a getaway out of town and have a nice adventure. When going out of town, you will need a nice set of clothes, along with some wonderful and stylish footwear, like sneakers and step-in slippers. Other than being fashionable, it is important to bring some comfortable footwear along with you. Here are some important pieces of advice on what kind of footwear to bring during your getaways.

For The Summer


The summer is the best time to go to the beach and get some nice sunrays. This means wearing light clothes, like shirts, shorts, and swimwear, along with some nice footwear. The best kinds of footwear during the summer are sandals and slippers. These allow your feet to breathe, while remaining comfortable throughout the day. Slippers and sandals are also stylish as well, and you can find some pairs that would match your clothes.

Make sure you have at least two pairs of slippers and sandals in handy. Just in case, pack some shoes as well, as some beaches have some areas that allow you to hike around, and slippers and sandals may not protect your feet completely.

When Going Outdoors


When going outdoors, you will need some sturdy and solid shoes that protect your feet from the elements as you trek various landscapes, like forests and mountains. With this in mind, trekking shoes and boots are the best way to go. These shoes provide your feet and ankles much needed protection while walking and running, making sure you won’t experience pain, or get nasty blisters. When going to the mountains, there are specialized shoes and boots that provide the best comfort and security when hiking up. These shoes would guarantee that you would not be slipping, and make sure your feet get some good grip on the surroundings.

For Cold Environments


When going to cold environments, you will have to pack up heavy on clothes, as you would need a good number of layers to keep your body warm. This would mean getting some coats and jackets, and getting some thick shoes to keep the feet warm. For cold environments, it is best to get a pair of boots and heavy shoes, as they would be able to keep your feet warm, which is an essential when moving around in the cold. Make sure that you have thick socks that go along with your boots, and get boots that have good grip just in case surfaces get to wet and slippery. Also, when packing up your stuff, do not pack your boots, as they take up too much space in a bag. Instead, always wear them while travelling, or hang them up on your bag.

Key Takeaway

Footwear always comes in handy wherever you will go during your getaways. By picking the right kinds, you are not only making yourself very fashionable, but you are also making sure that you are at your most comfortable always.

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