Explainer Videos! The near Future of Sales & Marketing

Explainer Videos! The near future of sales & marketing

In the time when the internet was not invented and there was nothing like explainer videos, most of the trades were done by salesmen. Salesmen were the smart front ending people of the organization – the real artist, who were driving the sales by interacting with customers in person or over the phone. They were delivering their sharp and precise pitch to the customer; remain very cheerful, optimistic and enthusiastic during their calls to inspire the buyer. They were handling all objections/rejections very swiftly and powerfully all the time with their immense amount of talent and experience to drive the sales.

In the digital world, many businesses miss such conversion ration which these powerful sales professionals were driving in the offline trade once a consumer gets in the contact with these sales professionals. In offline trades, sales reps were getting enough time to resolve all queries and to build up a rapport, but in this modern e-commerce trade the attention span of the buyer (so-called visitor in the digital world) is very limited; and he is just a click away from your competitor.

According to a study by Microsoft, the attention span of people in the modern age has decreased to 8 seconds only. So it means you have got 8 seconds to connect/impress with your prospective buyer. Hence you will require very powerful and engaging tools on your digital properties such as website, social profiles etc. to engage them quickly and drive them towards taking an action. The action could be an online purchase, contact form submission, free e-book download or anything but you have to engage your visitor very quickly and effectively; and that’s where an explainer video could be very helpful.

Explainer videos for quick online engagement

An explainer video is one of the most powerful tools meant for the online engagement purpose. You can hire an agency to develop a video in an animation form such as motion graphics, character animation, whiteboard animation etc. or you can do it in a live action style as well with some actors in the video or presenting you by yourself – both are effectively proven techniques. You can take a better judgment by looking at your project’s requirement. Once you produce your video, you can use these explainer videos on your landing pages, you can embed them on the strategic position of your page to immediately engage the visitor in a nice, cheerful, quick and easily consumable form of content which is very similar to your conventional sales rep.

Video has several elements which could be used to portray the story like the salespeople used to do in conventional sales, i.e. playing with the moods and emotions, realizing/showing a better future after buying your product through an animated character storyboarding and more...

Since the trade is moving towards online without human intervention, the explainer videos will have a big role to play in the picture since it’s the closest form of a salesperson sitting beside and telling you a story. Of course, you can also fit your salesperson in form of a video with nice visual effects to present your message powerfully to your visitors as well. The survey of funny science claim that “Landing pages with video lead to 800% more conversion” another survey of Invodo reveals that “52% of shoppers confess they feel more confident while making a purchase after watching a product video”. There are some very powerful reasons why explainer videos produce better results and it’s going to be the most powerful tool for sales and marketing in the coming years; few of the important reasons are as below:

  1. It’s quick: Explainer videos are very quick and effective, due to its visuals form it tells the story with the moving pixels supported by narratives very quickly so the user doesn’t require to invest in referring the entire page or site which could take away a lot more time than watching a video.
  2. It’s Engaging: Again due to the multimedia form (i.e animation, SFX, VFX, voiceover, background music) an explainer video, is very engaging for the viewers. It creates curiosity for them to wait until the climax where you have added a powerful call to action at the end of your story.
  3. It’s really ease: Viewer can just sit back and relax since consuming video content is naturally very easy; unlike other media user doesn’t need to take much of a pain to consume the content and on top of it internet speed and video player is no more an issue which really favoring a video form of content in today’s world.
  4. Last but not least: You spice it up with the emotions: How many times we have cried which watching a movie or a TV show? The obvious answer is a lot for many people. Videos can easily trigger the emotions and as we all know, most of the buying decisions are emotional; this tool can really play a significant role in empowering consumers to take a positive decision. You can better convey humanistic and natural elements in a video such as moods, environment, and expressions in a video such as angry, happy, frustrated etc. to show your audience a realistic picture.

Having all these qualities, explainer videos are going to be the real drivers of the sales in the online world in the 21st century. If you’re in the online business you must make explainer video to increase your sales conversion ratio. Here’s one of the quick example of the embedded animation video on our website’s home page for your ready reference: www.CorpTeaser.com

And if you need any assistance in making an explainer video, feel free to reach out to us on www.CorpTeaser.com, we are a professional video making agency dealing in over 15 different styles with over 3500 successful projects.

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