Elastic Bands for Hair: Secrets You Did Not Know

Elastic Bands for Hair: Secrets You Did Not Know

Hair ties are a very important item for all the ladies. Be it a young girl or grown-up women, they can't live without a good hair tie. When choosing an elastic band for your hair, first of all, pay attention to how firmly it holds your hair. However, the tighter the elastic band is, the higher the likelihood of it causing a headache. The maximum elasticity is provided by spiral scrunchies, due to which pressure on the hair is distributed unevenly and it does not cause pain even with prolonged wear.

Scrunchies are very popular amongst all hair ties and elastic bands for hair. You have to assess the texture of your hair and find out what type of scrunchies does your hair needs? We will share with you some interesting facts.

Scrunchies are elastic bands ladies use to fasten their hair. Using a hair elastic every day, you probably never think about it much. For example, is the material good? Are there any additional ways to use it? Read and benefit from everything you need to know about this seemingly simple and ordinary accessory.

1. Important to Keep Your Hair Smooth

Most classic fabric elastic bands are made of a rough material that damages the hair cuticle and provokes their cross-section. Elastic bands should have a smooth surface, which provides smooth gliding through the hair and does not damage them. In addition, the material must be waterproof, which protects the scrunchy from bacteria and dirt, for example in a pool or shower.

2. Absolute Necessary Item for Your Vanity

Elastic bands according to your hair color will never go out of style and will suit any style. Like a classic black dress, this is a must-have for every modern girl who follows fashion trends.

3. Use as a Bracelet

Depending on preferences and moods, you can also choose scrunchy in a wide variety of colors and shades. They will become a stylish accessory in your hair and complement your look. In addition, we can also wear elastic bands on the wrist like a bracelet.

4. Use It to Make a Hair Style

To create hairstyles, you may need small elastic bands. They are great for securing small strands. They remain invisible in the hair of any color and are a great alternative to invisible hairpins and clips.

5. How to Wear Bulky Elastic Bands for Your Hair

The heroine of “Sex and the City” could not stand them, but fashion influencers have their own opinion on this. We tell you how to properly integrate them into the 90s appearance and trends – elastic bands for hair.

You can love and hate them at the same time, but after many years of struggle, the rubber bands secured the status of the main masthead of the year. The appearance of their world is quite natural: the 80s along with their sports blown jackets, boiled denim, and oversized jackets were replaced by a minimalistic 90s with leather, laconic style, and free silhouettes. And now accessories are also at the top of the trends: one of the main components of this era is funny and pretty cute fabric, elastic bands. However, they are always at hand in the bathroom when you need to quickly catch naughty hair.

The difficult fate of the most controversial trend dates back to the 60s: the design of the scrunchies was developed in 1963 by the composer Rommy Revson, who later in 1987 received a patent for it. According to one version, he named it after his poodle. The name scrunchies come from the word scrunch (crumple, twist), which recalls the technology of tailoring the scrunchy itself. In the 90s, everyone went to them: comfortable, practical, and at that time still in the status of stylish accessories they quite got along with the trends of that era.

In the early 2000s, the unshakable reputation of this accessory was spoiled by the heroine of the series “Sex and the City” Carrie Bradshaw. She assured her lover that not a single New Yorker would ever wear this terrible thing for an outlet. Then the word of one of the most fashionable and influential heroines of the television screen was the law.

6. Hollywood Loves Scrunchies

A few years ago, designers began to gradually whitewash the reputation of a controversial trend. And now we are again witnessing their fashion expansion: all the main fashionistas – from Haley Bieber and Selena Gomez to the sisters Hadid and Kardashian – sport them not only while jogging in front of the paparazzi on weekdays, but also, to the horror of conservative fashionistas, on the carpet.

Such accessories have another indisputable plus – unlike tight elastic bands, fabric crunches are not so fatal to hair and do not leave creases. If unexpected experiments are not typical for you, choose an option in achromatic colors - black or white - and wear them with high ponytails in the style of the 60s. Other safe options are a discreet palette of velvet scrunchies or the most fashionable material of the season – leather. However, we still advise you not to be afraid of experiments and choose a bright print option.

7. Fashion Statement

Yes, yes, scrunchies, over which we laughed in the “Sex and the City”, are back in fashion. And it’s not a joke.

Scrunchies, trimmed with cloth, became my most favorite. They looked voluminous. They could be made in the color of the dress itself (or even from the same fabric). Teen magazines have published information on how to easily make them. Most of all I liked the velvet! Soft and nice. They hold your hair tight (unlike slippery satin), but at the same time, they were easily removed from them. In general, it is a convenient thing.

Time passed, scrunchy fell out of favor, and even Carrie Bradshaw style star in the TV series “Sex and the City,” said, it is appropriate to wear them only in the bathroom. But now, in 2020, these accessories are undergoing a revival. They appeared on the catwalks and celebrities. And I’m glad that it is now very easy to make a super-trendy hairstyle by simply tying hair in a ponytail with velvet elastic.

They gained the greatest popularity in the ‘80s – in the days of Madonna. And even the same Sarah Jessica Parker was spotted with a high tail.

Designers offer many options, from peas to sequins. But I still like the elastic band of black velvet.


Hopefully, with the help of the above tips and some interesting facts about scrunchies, you can too get some for yourself. Hair forms the personality of the person so it's better to use chemical-free products and a good scrunchie to keep them healthy looking and stylish.

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