Does Training Gear Determine Your Fight?

Does Training Gear Determine Your Fight?

Muay Thai has been around for hundreds of years and has been considered as a sport that is the most effective striking art in the world and one anybody can learn. It’s a sport that utilizes kicks, punches, elbows, shins, and knees. It’s an art that uses every possible part of your body that can be used as a weapon of self-defense. It transforms you into a fluid-like combat machine. But before anything, you must be prepared and be prepared, I mean having the right training gear that will keep you protected and will help to improve your skillset.

This sport will require a crazy amount of stamina and fitness. It is a full-body workout as it involves constant movement, strikes, blocking, and concentration. A sport that not only is used in competitions but in real-life situations.

Of course, this can be said with other martial arts but Muay Thai is a bit different as it incorporates most techniques found in other martial arts and is a more of a natural fighting style meaning it allows you to efficiently use your body, and use your opponent's body against themselves. Now all of this being said, when you're just an amateur starting, you will see tremendous fitness results before any solid set in stone fighting skills, which will come eventually.

Muay Thai shares similar training gear to boxing, except for some minor differences. Let’s start with the gloves. Muay Thai and boxing gloves may look almost identical but there are some underlying features. Boxing gloves are a bit more angular whereas Muay Thai gloves have more of a boxy shape in the front fist area. Boxing gloves are more padded in the fist and thinner in the wrist, whereas Muay Thai gloves are thinner in the fist and padded everywhere else like the palm, sides of your hand, and wrist. This is because they are also used to block kicks, unlike boxing where it is only used to block and deliver punches.

Lastly, boxing gloves are heavier, so when you’re looking to shop for the right pair of gloves, aim for the right ones, just like you’d aim for the right KO. Look for quality lightweight muay thai gloves that offer sweat-wicking material, a reliable grip, good shock absorption, and securely fit ones with sturdy wrist straps like double velcro closure for premium protection.

Moving on to Muay Thai shorts. Again, very similar to boxing but also with its underlying differences. Muay Thai shorts are noticeably shorter, lighter, and thinner than all the other combat sports shorts. As an essential training gear, they are designed this way to offer the fighter more airflow and mobility for when throwing a kick. Shop for muay thai shorts that will offer you the most comfort and functionality as possible.

Keep an eye out for shorts that offer the most amount of range of motion like ones with side slits, so avoid any constricting shorts, look for ones made of the lightest fabrics like polyester that can also prevent bacterial growth, an adjustable waist to prevent from slipping, and of course the ones that have your personality written all over it. Remain 100% performance and function-based but that doesn’t mean there won’t be any cool shorts that match our taste, so find the ones that fit your style meaning certain colors, patterns, and designs. After all, they’re representing you, a bit of your personality, and what you can do.

Lastly, when you’re training, you want to train knowing that you're not going to injure yourself in the process. Even though it does happen and some things are just out of our control, it's good to prevent and try to control your surroundings as much as possible. This means acquiring training gear that you can trust while you beat the hell out of it. The most common gear in Muay Thai is punching mitts and shin pads. When searching for shin pads make sure that they offer you ultimate heavy-duty protection whilst allowing you to reach as much range of motion as possible.

Most shin pads are constructed out of leather and are padded manly on the shins and the top of the foot. You have to make sure you acquire shin pads that offer the most protection to you and the wearer. Be sure that the straps that come equipped are sturdy, adjustable, and tight. You want to be ready to fight, so everything mentioned is for you to take into consideration when training. Don’t cheap out with your training gear, do your research, but most importantly have fun.

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