Different Types of Printed Circuit Boards

Different Types of Printed Circuit Boards

Printed Circuit Boards generally are known as PCB. In PCB the electrical and electronic components are connected on board. When any circuit is designed it is connected with wires for testing. The wire connections are complex and hard to operate. With the wire connection, large circuits like motherboard cannot be made. The components in PCB are all connected internally without wires and this decrease the complexity. The PCBs are customized as per need. The PCBs are found in almost every electronic device like Television, Mobile Phones, Computers, and Cameras, etc. It is used in communication equipment’s, military equipment etc.

There are mainly two types of Mounting process is used namely Through-hole and Surface mounted.

First, discuss the through-hole PCB. In this process, the holes are made on the circuit to mount the leads of components and soldered on another side of PCB. The through-hole PCB process gives support to components while performance and it is very trusted technology for mounting the components on PCB. The only downside is the drilling process and due to it, the manufacturing cost increases. The through-hole technology is perfect for single-sided printed circuit boards but it is difficult for double or multilayer PCBs.

The second process is surface mount. In this process, the components used are the small size with small or no leads. The components are directly mounted on the board and there is no requirement of holes to mount. After mounting the solder paste is applied to hold the components on the surface of the PCB.

The PCB is construction is based on the requirements of the user. It is mainly available in a single layer, double layer, and multilayer.

-Single Sided PCB

-Double Sided PCB

-Multilayer PCB

-Rigid PCB

-Flexible PCB

-Rigid-Flex PCB

Single Sided PCB

 Single Sided Printed Circuit Boards

Lets’ start with Single-sided PCB. It is also known as single layer PCB. The single layer PCB is used more due to its design and easy manufacturing. The one layer of PCB is coated with metal mainly copper because its electric conductivity is better than other material. After this, the solder mask is applied to prevent damage caused in silkscreen coat made to mark the components on Printed Circuit Boards. The PCB has electric components on a single side. The components are soldered on the other side of the PCB. The manufacturing cost is less and it is suitable for bulk manufacturing. It is used in devices like printers, calculators, etc.

Double Sided PCB

 Double Sided Printed Circuit Boards

The double-sided PCB is known as double layer PCB. In a single layer, the copper layer is on a single side while in the double layer it is on both sides and connects. The two layers are connected via holes made on the surface. The double-layered PCB has relatively low cost and it is used to make complex circuits in a compact size. This type of Printed Circuit Boards is used in mobile phones, Inverter, Amplifier, etc.

Multi-Layer PCB

The multilayer PCB consists of more than two conductive layers. The glue is applied between layers for protection for components from heat generating while performing. The multilayer PCBs are used for a complex circuit in a compact size for maximum output. The multilayer PCBs is used in a satellite system, data servers, etc.

Rigid Printed Circuit Boards

The Rigid PCBs are made from a solid material which is not easily broken. The Rigid PCB is available in a single layer, double layer, and multilayer. The shape of the PCB is never changed even after installation. The PCB cannot be bent according to base. The rigid PCBs are long-lasting. It is generally used in computer components like CPU, RAM, and GPU. The most PCB manufacturers prefer single sided rigid PCBs due to its simple design.

Flexible PCB

 Flexible Printed Circuit Boards

The material used in PCB makes it Flexible PCB. The PCB is made from flexible plastic which is conductive. The material used in PCB allows fitting in those places where rigid PCBs cannot. The flexible PCB has a very complex circuit design and it can be single sided, double sided and multilayer circuits. The flexible PCBs is used in LED, solar panel, laptops, etc.

Rigid-Flex PCB

The Rigid-Flex PCB is made with using Rigid and Flexible technology. The rigid-flex Printed Circuit Boards have numbers of rigid circuits connected with flexible circuits. The rigid-flex PCBs are used in the camera, cell phones, etc.

Hope this information helps you to choose PCBs according to your need. If you looking for printed circuit board manufacturers in India then India Circuit is a perfect partner for you.

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