Check out the Different Items That Can Be Donated

Check out the Different Items That Can Be given as Donation

With climate change causing natural disasters in different parts of the world, donating has become a way for people to give back to the community and help others when they need it the most. Although the donation is a wonderful way to help people, canned pineapple and piles of old t-shirts are not good.

If you are not sure what to donate, this list will help you out:

Toilet paper

The one item that is the topmost essential thing on everybody’s grocery list, yet not many people think about donating it. So on your next trip to the donation center, grab a couple of toilet paper rolls, they are always in high demand.

Mini containers of bath essentials

Bath essentials like shower gel, shampoo, container, deodorant and so are easily available in tiny bottles in supermarkets and retail stores. These supplies can help people staying at shelters to stay clean while using public restrooms. You will need to make sure that the seals are intact before donating the products. There is scientific evidence that donating goods will leave you with a warm feeling. So go ahead and donate to feel good about yourself.


Baby diapers are in constant demand at donation centers. You can stock up during sales seasons and drop them off the next time there is a donation drive.

Dental hygiene essentials

Toothbrushes and tubes of toothpaste are other essential items that you can donate. You can also give toothbrushes and tubes of toothpaste that are developed for sensitive teeth.  As long as you donate sealed items that have not been used, the staff at will make sure that the items you donated will reach the needy. In fact, dental hygiene essentials are often in high demand at donation centers.

First-aid items

During the aftermath of natural disasters and similar situations, first-aid supplies are always in high demand. Jeffrey Levine from BluePrint Wealth Alliance in New York says that you can claim tax deductions for charitable giving as long as you bunch your donations rather than spreading them out.  You can help people at the shelter care for their wounds properly by donating band-aids, medicated wipes, ointments, ace bandages, etc.

Pads and tampons

The next time there is a sale at your local supermarket, buy a few extra boxes of tampons and pads and drop them off at your donation center. These feminine products are always useful to the women on their monthly cycle at shelters.


Blankets are a must-have for people living without access to heat or those sleeping on the street. Donating blankets can help them get through cold nights. You can donate blankets made of wool or fleece or all-weather blankets.

School Supplies

Donation centers often receive plenty of school supplies from kind donors at the beginning of every school, but these supplies often run out by the middle of the year. You can help out by donating stationery, backpacks, notebooks, etc.

Rather than donating things that will get tossed aside, it is important to realize what items will actually come in handy. Besides old clothes and canned food, there are several other necessities like batteries, flashlights, blankets, etc.that could come in handy for people who have just survived a hurricane.

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