Deca Durabolin Cycle Guide

Deca Durabolin Cycle Guide

If you are a top athlete but there is still room for improvement, you probably checked out various supplements that may enhance your training and boost energy. It's well known that steroids are the biggest advantage you can get and that is the reason why they are banned in many professional sports. But still, many find a way to take it and keep doing what they love.

On the other side, there are sports where it is acceptable like bodybuilding and Deca Durabolin is one of the oldest ways to get big and improve your aesthetics. It's been on the market for a long time which means that it went through a lot of testing and that is the reason why it's the number one recommendation from many trainers. Read more about it here:

How It Works?

The dosage will depend on individual features but it is usually 50mg that will be enough for the next 20 days. This is a big advantage because you will need to take other steroids a few times a week. The problem might be that it stays in your system for a year or up to 18 months. You won't need frequent injections but you will need to calculate how much time is left until testing if you are a professional competitor.

You may also hear the name Nandrolone which is the same thing used to build mass but it also has great therapeutic abilities. Most types of testosterone are made for medical usage so you can easily find a lot of information before using it. Every doctor will not recommend it to you because there are many side effects but most of the athletes that make it know the risks.

Every steroid product on the market will be very similar to testosterone with a few ingredients added. It has an anabolic effect and you will need to keep cycling if you want to keep the results. Another advantage is that the side effects are mild compared to most of the products on the market. Click here to read more.

Recommended Cycles and Dosage - Deca Durabolin Cycle Guide

Recommended Cycles and Dosage

The benefits are easily noticeable but they will depend on how you cycle. Most beginners will take it for 12 weeks and more advanced bodybuilders will stick to 16. When you are starting out with steroids, it's recommended to take it with testosterone to make sure test levels are normalized. About 300mg per week is great with Enanthate. Always consult with your doctor about what you can take with it to counter some of the side effects.

When you finish your first cycle, you must upgrade the dosage if you want to improve more and beat your competition. The next step would be to add an extra compound like Cypionate. For the next 12 weeks, you will use around 500mg of testosterone and 400mg of Deca. Dianabol is different and will be used for the first 5 weeks with 20mg dosage.

If you gained experience and you have been on the drug for a year and are starting to compete, the next step is to up the dosage to 600mg even if most people will be satisfied with 400mg and would want to avoid any serious injuries. You will also take it for 14 weeks with Cypionate and Dianabol for the next 5 weeks. Most of the competitors will add HGH because it is great for the bulking cycle.

What are the Effects?

Lean muscle mass and big gains are the main benefits everyone is looking for. It will work up to 100 times more efficient then supplements you will get at the store like Creatine, Fat burners, or Amino acids. They will become something that your body will require to function properly because of huge gains. You will also need to take enough calories and protein to keep up.

Your muscles will repair much faster because of boosted protein synthesis. This is essential for muscle growth because it stops breakdown and loss of tissue. You can also experience increased muscular nitrogen retention. This keeps your body in a superior anabolic state for as long as possible and avoids starting a catabolic state where you can lose muscle. You will also have increased mineral content and collagen synthesis which means that it works like pain relief and improves recovery.

What to Expect?

You will have the biggest advantages if you know everything about the drug and follow some basic rules. You can expect slow and steady gains that will stay longer compared to other steroids because of less water retention. It's much better to have slow results that will stay instead of fast results that will disappear in a week.

Gains in strength won't be increased too much compared to others but with proper training and enough time, you can achieve what most of the competitors do. Remember that safety should be the most important thing. Consult with your doctor and check if your body is ready for such a change.

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