Crib Mattress for Babies: Some Dos and Don’ts Moms Must Follow

Crib Mattress for Babies: Some Dos and Don’ts Moms Must Follow

Are you a new mom and looking for a crib mattress that would be best for your baby? It could be slightly tricky to identify a comfortable and safe mattress for your baby as you would be overwhelmed with the numerous options. But you need to make the right choice, so keep your cool. Before heading to your local baby mega-store, you must explore some expert tips that should help you in buying the right crib mattress for your newborn. Here are some dos and don’ts to follow as a dutiful mom for whom her baby’s good health and safety are of top priority.

Some of the Dos

Do Purchase the Crib First

While most cribs are of a standard size and would be requiring a standard sized crib mattress, sometimes, size could be varying. So it is best to buy the crib first and then step out shopping for the right mattress after you have the accurate crib measurements.

Buy a Firm Crib Mattress Exclusively Made for Babies

Even though, an excessively firm mattress could prove to be a cause of discomfort, remember that you must buy a crib mattress with a reasonably firm surface that is vital to baby’s safety and well-being. As per recommendations by the ‘Consumer Product Safety Commission’, mothers must buy firm mattresses and avoid opting for soft sleeping surfaces as they are the reason for unwanted suffocation hazards for newly born babies and they often boost the chances of SIDS.

It is best not to leave your sleeping baby on soft adult mattresses as the baby may roll over and sleep with her face down into the soft mattress. This could cause a serious suffocation hazard. If you are very concerned about your baby’s safety and long-term comfort, you may consider buying a double-sided mattress. One side of the mattress would be just firm enough for your infant and the other one just a little softer suitable for your toddler.

Do Decide to Buy an Organic Mattress

Today, research and numerous studies have compelled researchers and qualified medical professionals to claim that chemical residuals from the actual manufacturing processes of various household items including mattresses could be the actual cause of aggravation in existing clinical conditions and this could even lead to new and potentially hazardous health issues. 

You know that your infant would be sleeping almost all through the day. So you must focus on building a chemical-free environment that is best for your baby. Buy a non-toxic organic crib mattress for your baby’s health and happiness.

Some of the Don’ts

Don’t Forget Doing Ample Research

You simply need to do a lot of homework before identifying the best crib mattress for your precious one. There is a broad spectrum of mattresses including organic, innerspring, and memory foam models. You must do ample research online and browse through valuable resources such as for accurate information. Moreover, read online mattress reviews that would keep you updated and fully-informed about the benefits of different mattresses and reveal all potential issues related to them. This would help you in making the right choice.

Don't Purchase the Wrong Size

Size of the baby’s crib mattress is of vital importance.  Buy a tight-fitting crib mattress to avoid unwanted falls and undesirable injuries. You must see that your child’s crib mattress does not allow anything over two fingers of gap or space otherwise; your baby may roll over in sleep and get trapped between the mattress’s side and the crib’s frame culminating in injuries and suffocation issues.


You must also, focus on buying a mattress with adequate venting or perforations. You must verify independent certifications and stop worrying about any warranty terms etc. Warranties could prove to be quite comforting and enticing too. However, do not get unnecessarily carried away and end up spending more just for these marketing gimmicks.

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