Do you like to play computer games? If yes then you must have come across the DPI and CPI. Not only gamers but every people who computer mouse know these terms. These are important parameters and are very critical while purchasing a computer mouse. A good mouse certainly enhances the gaming experience.But you may be wondering about the difference between CPI and DPI. Yes today I will clear your confusion and state the difference between CPI and DPI. Also I will clear which term we should actually use and why?

What do you mean by the term DPI?

DPI refers to Dot per Inch. It actually mean the output resolution of a printer or similar devices. This is what actually DPI means. It is actually physical dot density of an image when it is stamped on paper or intensity of the stamped image on the paper. In the present era this term is often wrongly defined. We wrongly interpret PPI instead of DPI. PPI stands for Pixels per Inch. So for example if someone says that he want to click a 500 DPI image, he actually want a 500 PPI image.But the real question is that how DPI can effect a gaming mouse?DPI is a measure of sensitivity of a mouse. By sensitivity we mean that the response shown by a mouse when we initiate unit change. How quick we can move an object in response to other’s reaction.The responsiveness of a mouse is a big factor to consider while buying a new mouse. It tells the speed of a mouse.

What do we mean by the term CPI?

The term CPI refers to Count per Inch..It is actually the number of steps the mouse will move when it moves one inch. It simply means that by how much a mouse moves in response to our unit movement. Let me tell you one thing that CPI and DPI measures the same thing- how quickly the mouse responds to any change initiated by us. So here we understand that CPI though is different from DPI means same here.A mouse with CPI settings 800 allows you to move the pointer through 800 pixels on the screen. Majority of gamers will prefer CPI of 3000 settings.

How to distinguish between CPI and DPI?

Well, it is clear to us that what is actually meant by CPI and DPI. But you may be confused about the difference between them. Today I will clear this doubt. CPI or DPI – they say the same thing about a mouse. CPI is the accurate thing but DPI is more extensively used today. Sometimes DPI also suggest picture or video quality.  But this is actually Pixels per Inch (PPI). A graphic designer uses the DPI to determine quality of images but in reality they are talking about PPI. A graphic stalwart utilize DPI to determine the quality of images but in reality they are using PPI. Most of the common people are using the term DPI. Even companies are using it- they are doing that to ensure common people better understands it.Any Gamer are well known to the name of DPI switch, but in reality it is actually CPI switch. But some companies use the term CPI correctly. Eventually, what companies point to as DPI is the same as CPI concept. DPI or CPI –it does not change anything, any functionality of the mouse. Only the name changes!

Does it change anything?

You know what CPI is and what is DPI. Now you know clearly the difference between them and you clearly know that CPI is the correct term. But does make any difference? My answer is no. There is no change in the configuration of the mouse, then there shouldn’t be any problem. DPI is more used by the consumers, so companies use them. At the end of the day, we are changing only a mouse’s sensitivity and precisions, regardless of what the company calls it. The consumers are least bothered if receive the same service from the mouse.

In the world of computing CPI/ DPI resemble the same thing. At the end of the day it is about the mouse’s sensitivity. Nothing in real is changing. So why you are bothered?

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