Corona Pandemic and Lockdown: What Lessons We Learned?

Corona Pandemic and Lockdown: What Lessons We Learned?

This is the toughest time the world is going through after the second world war. It can also be said that Corona pandemic currently prevailing is crueler than any disaster human being has ever seen in this century. Citizens of most countries are in lockdown and going through experience never imagined or expected before.

The rapidly increasing numbers of people getting infected and deaths show how outrageous Corona or COVID19 is. As a result, countries are locked down and the world economy is at a halt. But, in the middle of all these events, we have seen many positive changes taking place. We can say that this time has taught us, the humans, some lessons. Read on.

1. We can avoid many activities

We can happily live without many activities like parties and celebrations that cause harm to nature. We eat for pleasure, that’s ok, but we eat animals, and it’s quite not good. We invade nature for our fun causing disturbance to animals and creatures living in the forests and is not acceptable.

Apart from this, we use motor vehicles to commute from one place to another. It’s acceptable when the distance is significant, but we can surely use a bicycle or mass-transportation. This can be helpful in reducing air pollution, but are we willing to do so? No, because we want to reach fast and that too on our vehicle. We want comfort and not the exercise of paddling.

Many of us avoid using cycle or mass transportation facility under the shadow of our status and satisfy our ego stating ourselves that we are capable enough to possess comfortable vehicles and spend on fuels.

Corona pandemic and lockdown have made it clear that all these things are meaningless and we can live without harming nature and the environment.

2. Family and not money that matters

The rapid spread of the virus and resulting panic has taken over the minds of the people. News coming from different parts of the world regarding deaths leaving emotional people in shock. What if one of your family members gets an infection? Fear of isolation and losing life can make anybody paralyzed.

All these things lead to the conclusion that everything is useless if we don’t have our loved ones safe and with us. Corona pandemic and lockdown has shown us the reality that our rat race after the material things and money is meaningless. COVID19 outbreak took just a couple of months for the pandemic to separate people from the use of money and other facilities.

3. Business runs and survive on people

Your customers and your employees are living human beings in the last. And any business survives on these two types of people. Consumption of your products or services is not possible without customers. Same way, you can’t produce things or render services and sell them without your employees. So take care of them and offer them help during tough times.

Remember, any difficult time will pass, but your treatment and behavior towards your employees during that time will stay on their minds forever. You can always help them as well as your customers. So don’t just talk about the business and think about the survival of your living assets, i.e. your employees and customers.

4. We, humans, are actually careless

Uncontrolled spread of COVID19 in Italy and other European countries and the USA has made it clear that we are careless. We don’t stop breaking rules unless we face tough consequences or find ourselves in an extremely difficult condition.

Reports are coming from every affected country showing how people are roaming on the roads and public places despite the lockdown. Governments, police, and doctors are constantly requesting through all possible mediums to stay inside homes to be safe from the Corona pandemic.

Restrictions are also made strict so that nobody goes outside without a strong reason. However, there seems no effect and people are going out and increasing the chances of community transmission of the Coronavirus. People going for shopping and banking activities as well as roaming without any reason in India clearly shows that we don’t care unless we are in trouble.

Amidst all these events happening around the world, one thing is crystal clear that discipline and obeying rules are important for our own interest, especially in the times of pandemics like the one prevailing at this time.


No doubt that humanity will win the fight against the Corona pandemic, but we shouldn’t ignore the lessons it has taught us. Also, this is the time of introspection so that we can understand our weaknesses both as a person and as a community. The extent of life and economic loss that occurred to the world is equally due to our carelessness and ignorance as it is due to COVID19.

However, it’s also certain that we will recover and thrive again. Let’s hope the world, governments, and we, the people will take these lessons seriously and start building a society where coexistence exists in a true sense.

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