Content Marketing Ideas for 2020

Content Marketing Ideas for 2020

Creating quality content is quite challenging but, in the end, your editing abilities and your writing prowess may not be enough to give you the results that you’re looking for. What you also need is a means to understand the latest trends and find a way to work on making these things work in your favor. Keep in mind that while things do evolve with time, there are also more than a few trends that have been quite relevant for a number of years in the past. With that in mind and without further ado, here are eight content marketing ideas that you definitely want to start applying in 2020.

1. Focus on experience

The first thing you need to understand is the fact that user experience is what affects the effectiveness of your content. How? Well, by affecting visitor behavior and, this way, impacting more than one Google metric.

For instance, if they dislike the opening statement of the post or find the introduction to be a dull affair, they might leave before they give the rest of the post a chance. This will increase your bounce rate and reduce the return visitor ratio. Both of which spell doom for your ranking.

Focus on experience

2. The visual approach to data

The next thing you need to keep in mind is the fact that the human brain processes a piece of visual information about 60,000 faster than a verbal one. There’s also an estimate that we receive about 90 percent of all information about the world from visual means. This is why you should take a more visual approach to data and opt for content formats like infographics and videos. Not only is this more immersive but it also increases the likelihood that the people will memorize what happened.

3. Repurpose your old content

The next thing you should consider doing as part of your content marketing efforts is repurposing your old content. For instance, an old blog post can easily become a hands-on-guide, an internal data can become a case study and an interesting statistic can become a popular twitter post. Transforming one piece of content into another format is also a great idea since it helps you overcome a creative blockade, which is often a major obstacle when it comes to producing content. Also, keep in mind that you can use a digital format and turn it into a piece of offline marketing and vice-versa. A smart website design can become a theme for a billboard. A great infographic can become a brochure. All in all, you have many options on your side.

4. Blog authority

Sadly, there are some people who just can’t look past the numbers. These are the people who won’t watch the movie unless its score is above a certain threshold on IMDb/Rotten Tomatoes or those who won’t read an author until they receive a prestigious literary award.

Blog authority

Still, even this audience is quite valuable and you have to figure out the way to win them over. You can find a good SEO agency in Hong Kong that can help you focus on the overall improvement of the domain authority of your entire blog. Indirectly, this gives a credibility boost to the rest of your content, as well. Bigger emphasis in content marketing on video content.

At the moment, video content is the user-favorite. In fact, about 100 million hours of video content get watched every single day, on its own, this is a statistic that is capable of persuading you that investing in video marketing is the right thing to do. Also, keep in mind that video marketing is an umbrella term. Here, you have trailers, tutorials, comedic sketches, product demos and much, much more. The variety of choice, alone, is a reason good enough for you to pick video content for your next content marketing campaign.

5. User-generated content (UGC)

The accent on reviews is also higher than ever. In fact, the majority of people go to Google My Business first, in order to read user reviews, before visiting the place or doing business with someone. This kind of content is more relatable, seeing as how it usually comes from the same demographic as the users who read them. Overall, the user-generated content is not something that you can directly influence. You can, on the other hand, choose how you adapt and respond to it.

6. Data-driven content

The most important thing you need to understand is that, once you publish a piece of content, your work has just begun. You need to analyze everything and see how people respond to the content you’ve published. This will allow you to repeat what works and avoid what doesn’t work, in the future.Data-driven content

It really is that simple. Just keep in mind that trends change over the course of years, which is why you shouldn’t draw definitive conclusions. What didn’t work in the past might get a new life in the nearest future.

7. Accent on voice search

The very last thing, while working on content marketing, you should keep in mind is the importance of voice search optimization in 2020. This trend has been on an upward trajectory for a while now but some of the latest estimates claim that about 50 percent of all Google users will use this function in 2020. This is why your content needs to be optimized for voice. For instance, you should focus on mobile search, add FAQs, as well as identify your long-tail search queries. Long-tail keywords are particularly important, seeing as how one of the most prominent differences between voice search and traditional search is the fact that the first tends to be far more grammatical.

As you can see, it all comes down to developing a content-centric strategy. What this means is that you need to know which formats you should choose and exactly why you’re using them. In other words, it’s not just enough to be a talented content writer, what you also need is the ability to see the bigger picture. Only then can you hope to achieve the results you need from your content marketing efforts.

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