Can I Share My CBD Oil with My Dogs?

Can I Share My CBD Oil with My Dogs?

Nowadays if you mention the word herbal remedy and holistic treatment, a lot of people’s ears will burn. This has become such a big topic in society that it has gone all the way around 360 degrees in conversations and ended up with the debate about Hemp, and its extracts. But it does not stop there, now people are wondering if it’s any good to give their pets the same CBD Oil as they themselves take. In other words, is pet CBD the same as the one made for humans?

And we are here to put the record straight.

Both humans and animals are known to have an endocannabinoid system (ECS). Known as an important physiological system that maintains overall health and wellbeing. This system has related receptors related which are found throughout the human and animal body. Feel free to learn about this process on this website.

And so, because we both have this similar system, studies have shown that the effects of CBD are felt in both in the same way.

The system is accountable for a few of the below body functions in both humans and some animals:

  • Muscle movement

  • Digestive system function

  • Balance and coordination

  • Mood regulation

  • Appetite

  • Memory

Pet Specific Products

There are several pet-specific products on the market such as pet tinctures or treats specifically for dogs and you can see more here. But the question is, is are these products similar in nature to the ones we consume? The thing to remember here is, when manufacturers design something specifically for pets, they mean for it to be that way, but it is not always the case.

For instance, when they produce dog treats, they may include substances such as flavours like bacon or blueberry to help entice the pet into eating it. it is safe to say that something like CBD oil however, is very similar for both pets and humans. Unless the ingredients say otherwise, you can give your pet the same oil that you would consume daily yourself, and it will not harm it.

Truth is a lot of pet owners’ experiment with it and their pets (in a good way), by adding it to their daily food or on their tongue directly as a tincture and sometimes as a spray to get rid of bugs too. None of them has complained about any diverse effects, so far.

The Conclusion

The logical explanation here is, when giving your pet anything that you may be consuming yourself (besides drugs and alcohol or similar substances, which you should never give them), the common sense thing to do is to give them a little bit to try initially and wait a day or two to see if there has been any change in behaviour. With the CBD oil, the same thing applies – start with a drop every day; one for you and one for him, and gradually increase it to two a day and then two drops two times a day and so on, and so forth to see how it works.

It is one thing to take your pet out for walks and the occasional ball throw, but it’s another sharing your health routine with it as well. He will appreciate you for it and the two of you will be batter off for it!

In fact, according to the WHO 9World Health Organisation) this natural product has been known to be well-tolerated and safe for animals when ingested. Feel free to access this study here Do be careful though, if your not sure what ingredients are going into your CBD oil or product and may not know if it is good for your pet as well, ask your vet and do an online search for it, there must be tons of reviews or a website that can tell you whether the product has any ‘harmful to pets’ additives like sugar or most artificial flavouring.

Administering the drops should be a very careful thing, because it will depend on a few factors such as the dog's size or any underlying conditions it may have, so it is always advisable to follow the professional opinion of an expert in the field and please do not use your dog as a guinea-pig.

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