Build a Fun Exercise Routine in Seven Easy Ways

Build a Fun Exercise Routine in Seven Easy Ways

Getting fit is the number one new year resolution on everybody’s list. But no matter how enthusiastic we are at the beginning of the year, we lose interest with time.  Your January weight-loss goals get abandoned in February. It’s not the case with you alone; most of us have done this for at least a couple of years. But don’t you worry! We have the solution to break you out of that monotonous exercise routine. This article is all about building a fun exercise routine that will ensure you achieve your desired fitness level and weight goals.

The following are the seven easy ways to build a fun exercise routine:

1. Exercise With Friends

The most boring activity becomes fun when you do it with friends. Exercising is not any different. Make your best friend, your exercise partner. You can do it as a pair or with an entire group of friends. Doing so helps you set and efficiently meet your goals. You can push each other along and make exercising a positive and fun experience.

2. Create A Home Gym

Experts say that more than half of American adults don’t follow basic exercise guidelines. The main reason for this behavior is busy schedules. Driving takes up much time while going to the gym. It’s no wonder that you can’t incorporate a solid gym workout into your plan. Instead, you can create a space in your home to exercise. A home gym is not only convenient but saves you time and money. So no more paying monthly subscription charges for expensive gyms.

Instead, use the extra space in your living room or bedroom and set up some proper exercise equipment. There are multiple options to choose the most suitable exercise equipment for yourself. For example, treadmill, bicycle, Elliptical, workout bench, and Ski Machine gym exercise will enable you to burn more calories in a short time.

3. Put On Music

Putting on music is the easiest way to build a fun exercise routine. It gives your workout enjoyment an instant boost. According to a study, 95% of exercisers say that they have more fun during musical workouts. Get a mini music player and load it up with upbeat songs. They will get you in the mood and start moving with the rhythm. It is a proven fact that fast-paced music is often best for improving your mood and energy.

4. Buy New Workout Gear

Some of you might already have a set of your favorite workout clothes. But for those who don’t have one yet, it is essential to buy an athletic outfit to get into the spirit of exercising. Not only will it make your exercise routine more exciting, but you will have fun dressing up for it.  For athletic wear shopping, start with a pair of new running shoes. The thought of getting to wear them will motivate you to exercise. And once the charm wears off, buy a new pair of shorts and then new shirts. Doing so will keep you enthusiastic about your exercise routine.

5. Switch Up Exercises

Even after you have found an exercise routine that works for you, it is still a great idea to regularly switch up exercises. That helps prevent monotony from taking hold. The more variety your fun exercise routine has, the more likely you are to enjoy it.

6. Change Scenery

We humans become bored quickly. We don’t enjoy exercise because working out in the same place over and over bores us. To overcome this problem, try changing the scenery. Exercising outdoors is more effective than indoor workouts. It also offers people, beautiful scenery, and wildlife for you to draw inspiration from.

7. Set Weight Loss Goals

Deciding what you want to accomplish before you start exercising also makes it fun. When you have a weight loss goal set in mind, you will instinctively work hard to achieve it. But while setting your goal, keep a few things in mind. Set a realistic goal. If you have a bigger target, divide them into mini-goals and push yourself hard to reach them. Also, going out of your comfort zone makes you stronger and increases your endurance.


The monotony of exercise routine is a primary reason most people quit working out altogether. You want to lose weight or stay fit, find ways to make exercise fun. Doing so will help you stay motivated and continue the routine. Incorporating your practice tips in your practice can make your exercise time an enjoyable experience and manage to fulfill your new year resolution this year.

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