Best Halloween Parties in the World

Best Halloween Parties in the World

It’s high time to let your blood run cold all over again! Halloween is nearing and so are several exciting events that are packed with the punch of fun and terror of-course! October is here and amidst these autumn winds blowing in a heart throbbing manner, you need to prepare for your hilarious Halloween outfit too and plan a lot! A lot! Major Halloween Enthusiasts must be preparing for this from the last year itself and currently, their emotions must have reached their peak! Relax! Even if you haven’t planned anything yet, you must do that right now! Herein we have curated a list of some of the most fantastic Halloween parties in the world that are worth losing your crazy heart too! Try Expedia promo code to get discount for the Halloween parties around the world.

Be a Part of New York City Village Halloween Parade in the USA

If you are too obsessed with weird and Halloween genre outfits, this party has been organized for you from years and years! This Parade lines up a mile long stage for you to celebrate your energy and excitement for the festival and at the same time is the Halloween spot for thousands of attendees from almost each and every corner of the globe.

All come dressed up in super spooky, weird, frightening Halloween outfits that actually carry the power to give you that shocking out of the blue feeling. So you need to be really super cautious, concerned and creative about what you wear while being a prominent part of this spectacular event. And yes, do remember that if you are planning to attend this, you can never ever dare to escape the dress code part as that stands as the most important part.

Terrific New Orleans Vampire Ball in the USA

NOLA is a place that is renowned for the spark it emanates and definitely for the amazing New Orleans Vampire Ball event it hosts which is one of the most sizzling, frightening and overwhelming Halloween events across the globe. Herein you will get a chance to explore different places, connect to different people that have come up from different cultures and everybody dressed up in veracious vampire costumes, partying under a single roof and a lot more make this party one of the most incredible Halloween parties that have ever been planned!

The reason why there is so much buzz about this event is all because one of the leading vampire subculture enthusiasts hosts this and now you can imagine how perfect everything is going to be. It is a party with lots of twists and can be exclaimed to be a blend of a dress up party and a Masquerade ball. Though you need to ensure that you completely avoid wearing superhero costumes, vampire wears, fangs, mask wear and baroque outfits will be appreciated.

Get Dressed up for Dracula’s Halloween Party, Romania

A super spooky ancient castle with shadows of dragons all around and shrouded by a mystery that keeps you and your senses stuck, Frightening Enough? This is a part of what this Romanian Halloween celebration has in-house for you. On this 3 day Tour organized by G Adventures, you are free to explore a mysterious castle endowed with scary myths and after that party as long as your heart wants to!

Partying on the grounds of Bran Castle, Romania along with keeping yourself alarmed in case a spirit or two gets in touch you will be indeed a super thrilling and memorable experience for you. Besides the party, you can also visit the Palace of Parliament, the Romanian Athenaeum or may just take a relaxing walk in the Cismigiu Gardens nearby to get hold of all that this fabulous fest has added to your memory. And the best part is it is never late to book for this extreme party!

Enjoy at All Souls day at numerous locations across Ireland

This festival is often considered as one of the most ancient Halloween festivals celebrated in the world. You can be a part of this at different locations In Ireland which is known to be home to such events as the place has visualized more than 3000 Halloween events till today which is obviously a huge number.

Traditionally Pagans remembered their loved ones who passed away, honored their gods, paid homage to their loved ones when the autumn season was about to end. As far as modern celebrations are given light, they comprise of different activities like traditional feasts and beautiful Bonfires. Belfast’s Halloween Firework Display and Monster Mash and Derry’s Festive Extravaganza is the life of this Halloween parties and hence you need to ensure that you do get to feel such wonderfulness all over again.

Stupendous Kawasaki Halloween Parade in Japan

Well, who doesn’t want to be a part of this reviving parade? It seems like Japan has a lot to add to the human experience when the talk is about one of the most interesting Halloween events. Kawasaki situated just outside Tokyo is a beautiful place to throw a visit to and has been hosting this astounding festival for more than 20 years now.

And yes herein you can participate in different contests too and the best part is you can stand a chance to embrace the prize for the best dressed if you have really carried off yourself in a great way. Though there stands a limitation on the participation if you are there for just celebrating the fun vibe of the Parade you are free to do that as watching the same has been kept absolutely free.

These Halloween parties are going to be too much Fun!

Aren’t these Halloween parties, ambiances, the excitement, the vibe and the horrifying experiences tantalizing enough for you to crave for the festival again and again? They obviously are! If you are one of those who didn’t have any Halloween plans for this year till now, make sure that you craft some at the earliest and have a visit to these superb Halloween destinations across the globe! Once you are a part of these places, trust us you are going to appreciate the experiences and memories of a life. After all, no other festival has the power to make you feel alive by haunting you at the same time! Have a memorable Halloween this year!

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