Best and Appropriate Tips to Reset a Linksys Range Extender

Best and Appropriate Tips to Reset a Linksys Range Extender

Extender Linksys’ is used with wireless internet equipment such as existing or new WiFi routers, computers or laptops. A range extender is well known to expand the internet range coming out of the main router or wireless network to every floor, every corner, and every room of the house. So, if you have a Linksys range extender you can configure it with your existing router and enjoy the high speed of internet connectivity without any barrier of signal breakage or buffering in the videos all over the house.

If your Linksys range extender isn’t working, then you can reset it back to its ‘factory default settings’. To reset your Linksys range extender back to its default settings, consider following the rose-petal steps given below.

If you want to apply the steps of ‘how to reset Linksys range extender’, then you have to make sure that your range extender is out of the reach of existing WiFi router, obstructions like microwaves, cordless phones, and Bluetooth speakers. After that, unplug your Linksys device for two minutes and then plug it back again. This process will allow your device to reboot without being reconfigured.

Firstly, you can physically reset the device by pressing down the reset button properly for 8-10 seconds and after the countdown is completed, release the button. Next, wait for 3-4 minutes before plugging your device back into a power socket. Remember, if you feel that your electricity is fluctuating or its density is really high, then it is strictly recommended that avoid the reset process and wait until the electricity becomes completely normal.

Secondly, you can reset the Linksys device through the wireless connection. For this, what you have to do connect your computer with the range extender (wirelessly) and open a web browser onto it. After that, in the address bar, you need to either type or the default IP address of your WiFi extender. Now, in the menu consider choosing ‘administration’ and after that ‘factory default’. Here, what you have to do click on the icon ‘restore factory default’, disconnect your range extender from the computer and unplug from the electric wall socket. After five minutes, plug in your range extender back.


Note: You have to again enter the entire configuration setting.

Configure your Linksys Wireless Range Extender

Connect your Linksys range extender with the computer or laptop and after that plug both the devices into a power outlet. Next, for Linksys Extender Login open an internet browser of your choice and in the address bar default IP address of your range extender. You will see a dialog box asking for default username and password. Fill the login credentials (default) and proceed further by hitting OK or Log in.

Note: If you don’t have the default details, then it is strictly recommended to interact with our customer support team.

As soon as you got the default login details, click Wireless and after that Wireless Settings. Now, what you to do is to set the radio button to manual and enter your router’s SSID (network name). Next, in the wireless security section, you have to select a security setting that perfectly matches with the configuration of your existing router. You are now supposed to enter the WEP key or passphrase and hit save settings.

Last but not the least, unplug the power cables of the range extender and the router for one minute. Plug in the router first and after two minutes plug in your Linksys range extender and try to access extender. linksys via internet web browser.

Congrats! Your range extender is now configured successfully. Hope you are satisfied with our views shared with you. Is there anything that we can help you do let us know. Your feedback would be precious and important for us.

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