Before Going to Munich’s Oktoberfest- Know These Details

Before Going to Munich’s Oktoberfest- Know These Details

Before you decide to book a ticket to Munich’s Oktoberfest, there are some important rules that you need to observe. Right from the dress codes, the German language, to the types of classic beer, you have to be cautious and understand all the rules of this festival.

In addition to security, avoiding dancing on the tables or benches, and searching for the best costume in a lederhosen store, locals in Germany often advise visitors to beware of the beer at Oktoberfest, which is much stronger than you will ever imagine!

In this article, you should get a clearer image of exactly what should know before you attend Oktoberfest. So here it goes!

The Bavarian Fashion

Keep in mind that if you end up showing up in the festival wearing your casual jeans and T-shirt, rather than a traditional Bavarian costume, you will be only the odd one out and heads will turn to you just make fun. Now that sounds awful, doesn’t it? The best advice here for you is to wear the classic lederhosen for men, (and women), or the Bavarian dirndl for women. Nowadays, several stores have Lederhosen For Sale, so you just have to make sure that you go for the “authentic” one. The lederhosen for men have a suede leather trouser, along with suspenders, and a checkered shirt to complete the traditional look. You can pair this look with lederhosen shoes, and do not forget to accessorize your look with other accessories like a hat, vest, and a pocketknife!

Women can choose the dirndl costume, which has a skirt, dirndl blouse, a bodice, and an apron to complete the look. However, if you decide to wear this costume, you need to watch out for how you tie the bow. Tying the knot on the left is an open signal that you are single and ready to mingle. On the right is a clear and bold “NO!” but in the middle also shows that you are a virgin, on the back means that you are a widow or a server.

Keep a Check on the Timing

The year 1810 was when the first ever Oktoberfest was, in the month of October. Today, this celebration still goes with the name Oktoberfest, but the difference is that now it opens in the month of September. Often, this starts from the mid of September to the beginning week of October. The main reason behind the change in timing is the bad weather condition of Bavaria. In October, this is when snow usually starts, which may be a disaster for the most awaited festival. In 1904, the celebrations moved on to September.

Try Wiesn Beer

This is a special kind of beer, and you should rest assured that it doesn’t contain more alcohol than the average beer does. It is less bitter and milder compared to the actual type of beer, but it makes the average choice of beer amongst revelers at Oktoberfest, and you know what, this instead makes it somewhat more dangerous! The reason is the survey of last year, which shows tha5 people drank millions of liters at the festival. This year, the record speed may go higher, so stay tuned for some incredible fun!

Respect the Oktoberfest Etiquettes

When you attend the festival, you need to know that dancing on the benches is something to encourage, but dancing on the tables is a big NO, and you should avoid taking off your clothes. Do not steal beer steins, even though they are more like beloved souvenirs amongst visitors. Every year, several steins go missing from beer tents, but you should make sure you do not steal them!

Oktoberfest is all about having the best time with your loved ones. Keep these in mind and you will surely have a great time!


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