Art of Healthy Sunbathing Without Any Sunscreen

Art of Healthy Sunbathing Without Any Sunscreen

Many people embrace the fact of sunbathing under the sun with the use of sunscreen. The amount of time they are under the sunlight by use of sunscreen is increased. But they fail to realize that they are not producing any vitamin D while they are using these sunscreens since the SPF level of the sunscreen might be protecting you from the ultraviolet radiations but they are also preventing the body from producing vitamin D, not to mention the harmful effects of chemicals on the body.

Vitamin D is an important nutrient that the body needs, even though the body can get vitamin D from various sources of food like egg yolks and cod liver oil, the best alternative way for the body to produce its own vitamin D is by exposure of the body to sunlight.

Let us be wise and explore some healthy ways to sunbathe without the use of sunscreen. It is not at all hard and after you are done reading these points you will not only be limited to sunbathing on the beach but be able to sunbathe when and where you like.

Amount of exposure

So it is good that you know that you need to expose your body to the sun for the production of vitamin D. But that doesn’t mean you overdo it. Overexposure to direct sunlight of your body can lead to sunburns and other complications.

You need to start with a small duration of sun exposure. Anywhere between five to ten minutes of sun exposure to start with is good. Once you see your skin tan developing you can slowly increase the time of exposure. Knowing your skin type is essential in the art of sunbathing. If you are getting a tan means your skin is producing the melanin pigment that will protect you from UV rays.

Timing for sunbathing

The time you choose to sunbathe is a crucial factor in the amount of sun exposure you can take. If you are sunbathing during early in the morning or during sunset you are in a good position to go for a longer duration of sunbathing. If you are sunbathing while the sun is high up in the sky, you cannot expose your body to longer duration of sunlight.

The key factor here is to listen to your body and not to push it over the limits. You will feel your body giving you the signs when you are done with the sunbathing. So listen to your body and make the best choice for your body.

Cover yourself

You can cover yourself with light clothing while you are under the sun. This will not only allow you to be under the sun for a longer duration but also protect you from sunburns. You can avoid sunscreen and opt for light clothing so that you are not totally blocking the sunlight to reach your body but also making use of the exposure time under the sun to produce the vitamin D for your body.

So the art of healthy sunbathing without sunscreen is really easy and you do not have to be at a beach to do it. By following these points you do not need a sunscreen lotion and you can effort to sunbathe when and where you like. Oh yes, if you know that you will be under the sun for a longer duration of time and it is unavoidable, wear a hat or carry an umbrella and cover yourself properly.

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