Animal Hats: Why Wear One?

Animal Hats: Why Wear One?

Humans have been putting on hats for various reasons, for the longest time. Hats were primarily used to protect people against the elements, but the use of headwear evolved along with the times. Back in the day, wearing a hat often indicated different levels of social status and military rank. But, presently, wearing animal hats could also symbolize fashion, creativity, or making a bold statement.

There are many reasons why wearing hats never went out of style. Some wear them for protection, to match their outfits, to look sophisticated, and some even purchase hats to donate to charity, like the animal hats that are quite popular now.

Hats over the years

Fedoras started way back in the 1920s, its trend going off and on at times, but is still a fantastic addition to men's fashion. Its style adapts to the current trend and is often seen in neutral colors.

For a more laid back approach, Panama hats can be worn at the beach during the summer. They are often made of light materials, making them breathable and comfortable to wear, even if the weather is hot.

Snapbacks started their trend in the 90s with baseball, and have grown to a market where connoisseurs, rappers and basketball players wear them. It's adjustable because of the fastener at the back, and is similar to the dad hat, making these caps a one-size-fits-all.

Beanies are recognized more as winter gear, but some people often use them up until spring. Their styles can range from thick to thin ones, depending on the weather, and dark colors are mostly used.

With the various types of hats that are in the market today, the most recognizable ones are caps and beanies. Baseball and softball players use caps when they play. It blocks off the sun or the lights in an auditorium.


People often wear animal costumes, especially for birthdays, be it for children or adults. It gives a playful mood to the event or the occasion. In sporting events, individuals use headwear that looks almost like their team mascot.

Wardrobe choice

Girls in their teens often wear animal hats that resemble their pets or their favorite animals, especially in the winter. Some young women also wear them but only when the weather is cold.

Animal themed headwear

Parents often buy them for their children, even babies. There is something about babies and dressing them up in animal-themed clothing is just too adorable.

Adults, on the other hand, often wear them on special occasions, sports games, and other events. Some thick animal-themed hats are worn in cold weather or used even as sleepwear.

Some experts believed animal headwear went out of fashion years ago, but they are still used today. Some may think that wearing one may look funny, but some people use it as a personal choice.

Support for causes

There are different groups, such as PETA, that supports businesses championing the welfare of animals, or if their products are pet-friendly. Some restaurants are pet-friendly, allowing partners or families to enjoy going out with their pets. Another trend that seems to be catching on is encouraging shoppers to buy items for charity. It is a win-win for both the shoppers and the charity because everybody gains something.

Animal hats for charity

Animal hats are now available for purchase at some online shops. If you like wearing hats and donating to charity, you can now do both at the same time. A quick search on Google can land you the best deals regarding hats and helping out certain causes.

For protection against the harsh weather, for fashion, for supporting a sports team, whatever the case may be, let these hats serve as a reminder that everyone is allowed to feel carefree and happy, no matter what their fashion choices may be.

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