AC Installation in Carmel Indiana – Air Conditioning Guide

AC Installation in Carmel Indiana – Air Conditioning Guide

My husband and I are in the process of building a new home for our family, we have been blessed to build it from scratch and hopefully, it all comes together as we envision by the end of it all, the only thing taking its time is the furnishing as we knew it would.

All the little details you need to think of to bring the harmony of a well thought out design in sync can be overwhelming and expensive, and this is no different when it comes to opting for AC or having the windows constantly open. It’s safe to say we quickly came to the decision on the latter.

How to choose the system that best suited not only the layout of the house, but also something that would be aesthetically pleasing with the décor and scheme and that would provide enough coverage to the space available? Who knew a cooling system had so many options or that the varieties had that many features?

To find out more about the units and systems available, you can click here and get a better understanding of the AC installation processes and repairs that can be done and that will be part of your maintenance plan for the future.

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5 features to look for in an AC unit.

  • Room size. This, as I said, was a concern of ours when we went air conditioner shopping, we needed to know the size of the room, what the room was intended to be used for and how many appliances would be in there producing heat.

  • Power. Checking the rating of the unit will let you know how much cooled air the machine is capable of producing. While a higher rating usually indicates how big of a room it can cool, it also means that the running costs of the unit will be higher.

  • Features. Technology is constantly increasing and the advances are more with each newly produced product, this means that features such as auto shut off, timers, and sleep mode are added options you can look into.

  • Cost. Workout and decide on your budget suited to the room and the home and stick to it, if the choice you chose is adequate then don’t get sucked into going for all the thrills and frills of a more expensive one. You need to be prepared for maintenance and repair and these aren’t free.

  • Type. Lastly, you need to decide on the model, these come in different sizes, chicness, and functionalities so doing a bit of research beforehand will go a long way. Check out this quick video for an interactive look at the models and what’s on the market.

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Types of air conditioners units explained

There are essentially 6 kinds of systems you could look for but we will discuss the 3 most popular choices, of which are: window units, portable units, and ductless mini-split units for the home.

Window units are just that, it does what it says on the tin, all the components are in one box and are a great option for cooling individual rooms. The unit sits half in and half out of the window on the sill or is placed in a slit in the wall. It usually has a single thermostat gauge.

Portable units are free-standing on the floor and are the best option if you aren’t looking to install a unit into every single area, they can be moved as you see fit and only requires a plug for power and a window for the pipe to exit as it extracts the warm air.

Ductless units work well in homes that have no ductwork and can be easily mounted to the wall, no breaking through to install the unit, they are also known to be the most energy-efficient but do come with a higher price tag.

The best advice would be to decide on a few options that you like and that offer the features that will work well in the setup of your home, have an AC installation consultant come around and do an assessment and give advice on the unit that will work within your set budget.

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Advantages of having an AC installed.

Besides the fact that your clothes won’t be clinging to you like you’ve been vacuum-sealed into them, there are many benefits of having this added in the household. For starters, with all the windows and doors closed to keep the cool air circulating, the house is more secure and the opportunities for intruders to get in are diminished.

It is also great for the ‘work from home’ or ‘stay at home parents’ who, once having done the breakfast and school drop off, can get in a quick workout in the comfort of their home. The air is cool and no need to get out into the heat to make your way down to the fitness center.

The regulated air temperature also aids in better sleep, fewer bugs visiting, and is great for kids who have asthmas as the air is cleaner with the multiple filtration panels. For more reasons to help you in your final decision on whether or not to have one installed, read this blog on the positives of an air conditioner and see if their success stories will assist you in that initial step.

With everything there are pros and cons, take a minute, weigh them all up and base your decision on that and how it will suit your home.

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