8 Secrets to Boost Your Airbnb Ranking

8 Secrets to Boost Your Airbnb Ranking

To have a successful business it is necessary to have as many bookings as possible. This becomes even more important during the holidays when you would want to be completely booked. In order to achieve full booking, an establishment needs to provide excellent amenities and provide all the details and features on the website. Airbnb uses an algorithm to show the best results when a customer wants to find a place to stay. If your details don’t match with this algorithm then your establishment won’t appear in the top results even though you are providing the best services.

So, if you want to make your business even more successful and want to top the search result on the Airbnb then follow this advice and your ranking on Airbnb will definitely improve.

#1 Be special

Now, this one sound a little bit vague but don’t worry we will explain what it actually means.

The customers often look for Airbnb lodgings which provide the best services, have accurate details on the website and have the top-notch hosts which make them feel like home. So, if you want to get loads of customers then ensure that you have provided all the necessary details about the lodgings. Provide a list of rules and regulations and do mention the facilities that make you different from the rest of the service providers. You could also offer Airbnb coupons to the customers as well.

#2 Prompt Response

It is common for many people to talk to the owners so that they can know more about the services being provided to them.

A customer wants that their problems and queries are answered as soon as possible. If a host ignores these requests then they won’t get a lot of customers. So, ensure that you respond to the guests’ queries as soon as possible. A guest might rule out your lodgings even though it has the best facilities if you take a lot of time to respond or ignore their requests completely.

#3 Pricing

The best way to move to the top of the list is to compete aggressively. One of the things which might make your establishment stand out from the competition is the pricing. A guest might choose your establishment over another if you provide a competitive price. They might even let go of better facilities at one of your rivals in order to get an affordable lodging. So, analyse the details about the listing posted by the others and set your price accordingly. Alternatively, you could rely on Airbnb coupons to provide discounts to your customers as well.

#4 Take your calendar entries seriously

Updating the calendar every day is one of the most important things that you need to do if you want to improve your ranking. Airbnb observes whether the host is updating their calendar regularly or not. A host who updates the calendar every day is preferred by Airbnb over the one who ignores this task.

It is even better to put your calendar on the home page of your webpage. This would help the guests to find the appropriate dates for booking as soon as they visit your website.

#5 Do a little bit more

The best kind of publicity is offered by your guests. If you take extra care of your guests by going a step ahead to fulfill their request then it might be great for your business. A guest will definitely tell their peers about the host who was more than willing to make their guests vacation a memorable one.

So, if possible try to deliver something more than you have promised your guests and ensure that you have presented the facilities in the most realistic way that you could offer. You would want to under promise and over deliver, not the other way around.

#6 Work on your reviews

A guest will definitely want to know the experiences of the other guests you have hosted. This would be true even if you offer the best possible services at an unbeatable price. The opinion of your past guests will certainly affect the choices of your upcoming guests.

You need to work in such a way that you get as many positive reviews as you could manage. An establishment which takes special care of their guests is more likely to have a better review than the one which only wants to make money.

As an owner, even little gestures such as asking the guests if they are happy with the facilities they are getting or providing them something special if possible is a great way to get an excellent review on Airbnb. This will surely boost your ratings and improve your ranking online.

#7 Show high-quality photos

The guests will look at the photos that you provide before booking your establishment. The best of the facilities and décor could look unimpressive if the photos are not taken carefully. It is said that the first impression is the last impression and the guests get the first impression about the services that you are going to provide by looking at the photos.

So, hire an expert photographer in order to showcase your establishment in the best possible way. This would not only impress the potential guests and might even convince them to book a room. Even if they don’t book a room, they might add the place on their wish list. This would also help you boost your rankings immensely.

#8 Book as soon as possible and refrain from cancellations

A guest doesn’t like to wait much. So, if you want to have a completely booked out facility then ensure that the booking process is quick and simple. The facilities like the instant booking are preferred not only by your guests but also by Airbnb. If you offer such a facility then Airbnb will automatically rate you higher than those who don’t offer instant booking.

If you want to remain popular then you must keep the number of refusals and cancellations to the minimum. The instant booking feature lets you cancel the request within a month without imposing a penalty, still, you should not cancel any request unless there is a solid reason for you to deny service to your guests.


Airbnb uses over 100 metrics to list the lodgings in the order and most of these metrics remain a secret. However, the above methods are tested and tried out and if you want to boost your Airbnb ranking then these will surely help you in achieving that target.

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