8 Important Tips and Tricks to Choose the Ideal Upholstery

8 Important Tips and Tricks to Choose the Ideal Upholstery

There are tons of questions that come in one’s mind while purchasing upholstery. Should I go for a solid design or choose a patterned one? Will the leather piece work out for my home or should I get something out of fabric? Well, there are innumerable thoughts which make you scratch your head while you decide to set the tone of your dining or drawing room with covering.

Everybody knows upholstery is a kind of investment and choosing the right one is very important. You should always purchase the covering items which you will love for years and years. Here are some important tricks and tips that will help you choose the ideal furniture covering for your home:

1. Selecting the pattern of the upholstery

Evaluate the size of your room before selecting a particular pattern of your covering material. If you have a small space, go for mini patterns otherwise choose bold patterns. Make sure the patterns aren’t cut here and there.

2. Selecting the solids or prints

Solids are always timeless and look great even after years while prints are trend-driven and tend to become out of fashion after a particular period of time. As upholstery is an investment especially when it comes to large pieces of furniture like sofas, it is recommended to select solid colored fabric. To make your furniture piece more enchanting, you can add a mix of patterned pillows to them. This trick is employed by many homeowners and even top designers recommend it.

Tip: As per Fred Thompson of S.W. James (https://www.swjames.com), placing a sample order of swatches will be helpful to know the quality before finalizing the fabric and color while purchasing a Chesterfield sofa.

3. Choosing the texture

Texture plays an important role in creating the look and feel of a space. So, pay attention to texture before choosing any furniture piece for your home. Keep it monotone by buying furniture items of the same texture. For instance – if you want an airy feel, you can stick with light textures such as cotton or linen. Or create a mixture of different types such as metallic, smooth, shiny or matte for a more collected look.

4. Practicality

While selecting materials for upholstery, ensure they are practical as well as versatile. If you are buying furniture for an outdoor area, go for a material which won’t fade in sunlight. If you own a pet, choose materials that are heavy-weight, sturdy and stain-resistant.

5. Quality & comfort above all

Furniture items only look as good as they feel. So, focus on the quality and comfort before purchasing the items. Never settle for an upholstered piece just because it looks good but doesn’t offer comfort. After all, you won’t be employing it as just a showpiece! Also, avoid anything that’s bulky or overstuffed and go for the one that fits well in your space.

6. Maintenance is the prerequisite

There is no doubt in the fact that upholstery requires regular maintenance to keep it top-notch condition. Also, the maintenance process is not at all easy as it will cost you a lot of energy and time. So, before buying a specific material, ask for a sample piece to check whether or not it is prone to duress. If you have busy schedules and can’t take out time for cleanliness or you suffer from dust allergies, it is wise for you to buy microfiber materials. If you live in excessive humid areas, go for a fabric that will not draw mildew toward it.

7. Never ignore the pillowcases

When it comes to covering, pillowcases are something we can’t overlook. The right pillowcases will enhance the look and feel of your furniture and eventually of your overall room décor. Well, there are tons of choices available in the market in this regard. You can also experiment with different pillowcase looks without spending much. For monochromatic upholstery, you can go for fun prints. Choose something that will make your furniture more attractive and standout. You can also select your pillowcases according to your living room décor.

8. Choosing the style

The style you choose for your furniture will speak volumes about your drawing area. So, always choose a trendy style for your upholstery. Go for linen pieces if you want to create a more casual setting for your modern furniture. You can select silk pieces for a more luxurious, traditional and elegant setting. If you are still in dilemma, the easiest way to wipe away all your confusion is to match modern fabrics with contemporary furnishings, traditional fabric with classic furniture and so on.

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