8 Effective Tips on How to Visually Enlarge a Small Room

8 Effective Tips on How to Visually Enlarge a Small Room

Despite the fact that small rooms can be cozy and comfortable, there is nothing strange about your wish to make your apartment bigger. However, many people don’t have an opportunity to enlarge the space especially if they rent the apartment. That’s why some visual tricks can be helpful for you. In this article, we gathered eight effective tips on how to visually enlarge a small room.

1. Install mirrors

Mirrors are considered one of the most classic tools for creating the feeling of a larger room. However, there is a little secret that you should know. When you choose where to hang or put the mirror,  try placing it opposite the window. In this case, sunlight will be reflected in the mirror that will create a positive atmosphere. Plus, this will make an illusion of the second window in the room.

Another hint when creating a more spacious view in a small room is to place small mirrors at the light sources. You can place the mirror near the lamp. Light will also be reflected and visually expand the space. You can try replacing the lamp with candles in the evening. This way you quickly create a romantic and slightly mysterious atmosphere.

2. Hang long curtains

In order to choose the right curtains for windows in the interior design of a small room, adhere to the rule that it is better to hang them under the ceiling. You can use a cornice or a pre-mounted plasterboard under-curtain. Long curtains visually make the ceiling higher, as well as light and airy fabric visually expand the space. This trick can also help enlarge small windows.

3. Choose multi-functional furniture for your small room

If you want to make your space look bigger, think about how you can integrate furniture into several functions. Decorate your living room with an elegant and practical sofa bed that will ensure optimal use of the space available in the room. The main difference between such a sofa and the regular bed is that you will be able to quickly decompose a sofa and turn it into a comfortable bed without losing much space.

Another good solution is to buy a pouf. It will become a convenient and functional addition to the interior. Moreover, poufs don’t take up much space and look stylish. They cal also combine a comfortable seating place with storage space. In addition, they can serve as an additional place for guests.

4. Use a light color scheme

In order to create an optimal living space, you should think carefully about the color scheme and the general appearance of the space. For a small room, it is better to choose light pastel colors. You can pick one main color for several accents. For example, you can use a rich gray color for bedroom decoration. It is better to choose one color for curtains, pillows, bed frames, and bedspreads. For decorative pillows and bedspreads, you can also choose the same texture. In general, using textiles you can always “refresh” the interior and change the main color of the room.

5. Divide the room into different “zones”

Taking into account the fact that we can rest, work, sleep, eat at home, dividing the room into zones can be quite useful. You can use some dividers like a bookcase, a glass partition, or a simple curtain. Try to rearrange the furniture for partial zoning using a table or sofa. For example, you can “hide” the working corner with tall green plants.

6. Avoid massive furniture

If you are decorating a small room, you shouldn’t burden the general view with massive large furniture. For example, transformer furniture is the perfect solution for small rooms. In addition, due to its functionality and stylish appearance, such furniture doesn’t load the space.

Scandinavian style is perfect for decorating a modern interior. The plan lines, light colors, and natural textures create an atmosphere of comfort. You can also combine decorative elements and make color accents.

7. Make two tiers

The second tier in the room is a quite popular solution. It is often used in both large and small apartments. However, you should know that the completion of the second tier is possible if the ceiling height is at least 8.5-9 feet. Only in this case, the second tier will be comfortable for all. The second tier most often serves as a place for bed or sofa. However, if your ceiling is quite high, you may have extended application possibilities, up to separate full-fledged rooms.

8. Pay attention to the right light

If the room is dark, it would be quite difficult to enlarge it. That’s why it is better to choose light curtains and transparent veils. However, artificial lighting can also visually increase space. You can use spotlights that evenly distribute light and reduce all the dark spots in the interior. Sconces and floor lights will also create a cozy and light atmosphere.

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