7 Wedding Decor Ideas That Can Make Your Wedding Beautiful

Wedding Decor Ideas

Decorating a wedding reception takes effort, money, and intelligence. Your marriage is not coming every day; therefore, taking care of expenditure is not essential. It should be cherished, happy and luxurious. Nobody would say it was a great wedding. But despite all about that a recent survey has revealed that couples who spend more than $1000 have 80% higher divorce rate. Considering this fact and your pocket, you should opt for the inexpensive wedding ceremony. There is no need to hire a wedding decorator for decoration purposes. A little bit of research and pay attention to the tips that people reveal can help you decorate your wedding reception amazingly. There are 7 wedding decor ideas that can make your wedding beautiful.

1. Make a chalkboard signage

Chalkboard looks awesome when placed at the entrance. You can customize its color with the help of a spray paint. You should apply the spray paint considering the rest of color theme. You can write romantic phrases on it. It will be inexpensive to make a chalkboard signage. It is highly recommended for people looking for cheaper wedding décor. However, it will have a very unique and romantic effect on your guests’ minds.

2. Table lamps

Place table lamps on each of the tables. Table lamps are available in a variety of colors and styles. There vintage table lamps which will make your sitting area adorable. You must opt for thinner and taller table lamps for a wedding ceremony because thicker table lamps cause a problem in seeing oppositely sitting people. Table lamps do not only add brightness to the wedding hall but table lamps will increase the beauty of it. You can ask the hall manager about placing table lamps on each table and he will do it.

3. Place flowers - Most important one of the wedding decor ideas

Flowers will add beauty to the wedding reception. Flowers are considered elements for creating a romantic atmosphere as well. Therefore, wedding halls must use flowers in excess. Flowers should be placed everywhere.

4. Colorful glasses

Instead of using simple glassware you must choose colored glassware for your wedding reception. Glasses should be placed on tables in advance of guests’ arrival. Marriage is already a colorful ceremony; therefore, it should be properly complemented with colorful items. Similarly, using the other matching colored utensils is also great for further beautification and style.

5. Hang flowers

You should make it sure that your wedding hall is equipped with hanging flowers. Hanging flowers produce such a pleasant impact on the minds of guests. It presents a mesmerizing view of the wedding hall. You should also place a huge flowers stall at the center of the hall for adding more beauty. Make it sure that the hall managers are using organic flowers which are fresh and fully blossom. Otherwise, flowers can ruin all the decorations.

6. Patterned pillows

If your wedding hall has lounge area then you must install some patterned pillows. If your wedding hall does not include lounge area then you could make it by renting some furniture. There are tons of ideas available about arranging a lounge area. You need two sofas and two chairs. Don’t forget to place patterned fabric pillows over the sofas because these are going to add the x-factor.

7. Create a family photo wall

Creating family a family photo wall will be an awesome idea to showcase your attachment to other family members. It will also display your love and affection for your parents. It should be placed in some significant place where everyone could see it. You can place the photos on the walls with the help of portable wooden risers. You can also use it for the purpose of beautiful stage décor, by covering the fabric all around it. This will also help you to decorate your time-sensitive wedding arrangements.

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