7 Tried and Tested Ways You Can Save Money when Traveling Solo

7 Tried and Tested Ways You Can Save Money when Traveling Solo

Want to see the world but can’t afford expensive travel tastes of your family members and friends? Don’t worry, you can become a very money-savvy solo traveler enjoying all the world has to offer for very little money. Want to know some fool-proof tricks to save money while traveling solo? Take a look at these: 

Find a bed at a hostel

Hotels are lux, but hostels are much less expensive. You can also often find a very cheap bed in a dorm-style room, especially when booking close to your travel date. Also, you will undoubtedly meet a lot of great people even if you’re traveling alone, so ditch that hotel in favor of something much more affordable. 

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Team up

If you want to split costs yet still travel solo, you can easily team up with another traveler on your schedule. Splitting the cost of accommodation and airport transfer can do wonders for your budget. And if you prefer to come prepared instead of finding someone to be your travel buddy on the road, you can check out websites like Penroads or Reddit that have a big community of travelers so you can organize your trip in advance while traveling solo and know for sure that you’ll be splitting the costs and with who. 

7 Tried and Tested Ways You Can Save Money when Traveling Solo

Travel light

We all know just how sneaky airlines can be with their luggage fees and even carry-ons, so you might want to try and travel light. When you’re going on a solo trip, you can avoid somebody else’s belongings spilling into your suitcase and you can organize your luggage however you want. When you travel light, you will also have a much easier time handling your luggage without your family and friends to help and you’ll have plenty of space for souvenirs and spontaneous shopping sprees. 

Opt for lunch instead of dinner

If you love to eat out even when you’re alone, try this money-saving trick: switch dinner for lunch. Most restaurants offer the same menu for both meals, but you can often find great lunch offers now that you can eat whenever you want. Some restaurants offer entrée, main course, dessert and drink deals for lunch, so you’ll be able to try a lot of different meals for less money while traveling solo. For dinner, you can hit street food stalls or other low-cost options without any judgment.  

7 Tried and Tested Ways You Can Save Money when Traveling Solo

Rent a car when traveling solo

If you’re a solo traveler not limited by a group of people you travel with, you can have a lot more freedom when it comes to moving around. Being alone is also a perfect chance to rent a small vehicle that will serve you on your trip. Since you don’t have anyone to wait on, you can pack all of your things in your car and tailor your itinerary to your needs. And don’t worry about the fees. You can always find a good and cheap car rental that will be your faithful companion. If you look carefully, you can even find some deals that will allow you to achieve amazing prices even though you’re not sharing a car with anyone. 

Split your rides

If you’re not in a hurry, you can often save some pretty penny. For instance, if you’re a big Uber fan, it’s a great app that will serve you especially well abroad, since you don’t have to struggle with language barriers. And in some countries, you can travel all over the city for less than $10! And if you want to save even more, try UberPool. This app matches you with people heading in the same direction as you so you can share the car and the costs when traveling solo. 

7 Tried and Tested Ways You Can Save Money when Traveling Solo

Grab a local SIM card

When traveling alone, it’s great to have stable internet access to ensure safety and provide yourself with directions. What you can do is grab an international plan from your provider and get away with some free megabytes. But, if you’re smart (and you are) you will invest in a local SIM card and just keep adding money on it when it gets low. This is a much cheaper and practical solution, just make sure your phone is unlocked. 

With these useful tricks, you will get to see the world, experience all its beauties and keep your pockets full. Traveling Solo will allow you to have your travel cake and eat it too, so remember these solo travel tips, pack your bags and hit the road.

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