7 Tips to Choose Lighted Mirrors for your Bathroom

7 Tips to Choose Lighted Mirrors for your Bathroom

A perfect guide that will help you to choose mirrors for your bathroom & make them look luxurious.

Mirrors and bathrooms go hand in hand, whether you just renovated your bathroom or want to add some glitter to it, choosing the right mirror can be a tiring task. Whatever might be the style of your bathroom, there is always a right mirror to reflect it. So keep reading this article for tips that might guide you in your quest for finding the correct lighted mirrors for your bathroom.

1.Know your choices

Before making any decisions in life, it is essential to know all the options available to you. With the advancing technology, mirrors have evolved to a more superior species of Lighted Mirror. Stepping up the bathroom mirror game, Lighted Mirrors offer a one-stop solution to your aesthetic as well as dim lighting problems. Available in many shapes, sizes, and designs, these are the perfect way to add glamour to your bathroom.

2.Mirror Sizing

Knowing the right dimensions of your bathroom wall is very important because it dramatically governs the choice of your mirror. Large lighted mirrors will help small bathroom appear prominent. You can also go for customized bathroom mirrors. Big or small, lighted mirrors will illuminate your bathroom like never before.

3. Complimentary Bathroom Lighting

With lighted mirrors, finding the right size and the proper lighting can be quite a task. Once you decide on the size and shape of the mirror, you can move on to the lighting part. The choice is governed by factors like how the accent light of the bathroom interacts with the mirror and surrounding decor. Having accent light just above a lighted mirror is a big no-no, it will cast unnecessary shadows rather than flattering you. It is essential to go for the lighted mirror that brightens up the room as well as compliments the decor.

4.Which light to go for

Lighted mirrors come with many lighting choices for you. Dim, Bright, Yellow, or white, decide the perfectly lighted mirror for your bathroom based on the decor and ambiance of the bathroom. The important thing to remember while choosing the lighting is that the lighted mirror should offer uniformly dispersed light to maintain a perfectly flattering and efficient light.

5.The Design

Now that you have taken care of all the technical aspects, it is time to focus on the aesthetics. Design is as important as the lighting or the size or the position of the mirror. Be very specific with what you want because, with the number of choices available, one can get confused with what to buy. Keep in mind the dimensions of the bathroom and the decor because you don't want your new perfectly lighted mirror to look out of place. Positioning is also an important factor to keep in mind while buying a mirror. If you are going for a full length lighted mirror, place the mirror where the accent light flatters you with plenty of space in the background. For smaller mirrors, above the sink is the best place to put your new lighted mirror.

6.Single or Multiple Lighted Mirrors

If you have a large bathroom with multiple sinks, you might need various lighted mirrors for it to appear adequately lighted.

You can either go for one wide lighted mirror or multiple tall mirrors.

Both the choices have their pointers to keep in mind; with tall, multiple mirrors make sure that the lighting from each of the mirrors interacts well with the lighting from the neighboring mirrors. Otherwise, there will be unnecessary shadows on them. You can also keep them at a calculated distance from each other to avoid this. With one full mirror, uniform light distribution is of primary importance; there are no issues of multiple light sources.

7.The need for a lighted mirror

Before buying a lighted mirror make sure, you know the purpose you want to full fill with it. If you are buying it for the aesthetics, you can choose from a plethora of choices like frames, light shades, sizes, designs, shapes, etc. However, if you are going to use this lighted mirror for vanity purposes then, adequate and properly lighted mirrors are a must, who wants unnecessary shadows cast on your face while doing makeup?

With these tips in mind, be rest assured you will find the right mirror to go with your bathroom.

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