7 Tips for Maximizing the Resale Value of Your Car

7 Tips for Maximizing the Resale Value of Your Car

You might love your vehicle immensely, but this won’t stop it from aging and losing its potential resale value. A usage, exposure to the elements, and Father Time will result in visible deterioration of your car which might disappoint you once you decide to sell. However, there are tricks that can help your used vehicle look like new and allow you to get a good amount of money in your pocket.

Have service info at hand

Make sure to collect all documentation concerning maintenance—fluid changes, tire rotation, body repairs, engine repairs and service. This will serve as proof that you’ve been taking good care of your car and make buyers feel safe.

Bring maintenance up to speed

You don’t have to book a full car makeover, but bringing certain maintenance points up to speed will make you some extra money in the long run. However, not all car repairs and maintenance things will bring you a good return on investment and decent resale value. New brake pads, spark plugs and battery won’t cost you too much but they can leave a great impression on the buyers and allow you to sell your car quickly.

Keep your car protected

When exposed to harsh sun or other relentless elements, your vehicle’s body will get damaged, especially when it comes to your paint job and lights. When parked outside, it’s best to get a cheap cover for your car to limit the exposure damage. If you have a garage, don’t be lazy to park inside, but carports are also a good solution for yards with less space. A cheap dashboard cover will keep the plastic from cracking and fading and a sun visor can keep your upholstery nice and protected.

Remove scratches and dents

If you live in a busy city, you can’t run away from small dents and scratches, however, these small cosmetic flaws can influence the resale value of your car. To give off an impression of a responsible driver, fix these little dents and scratches before you put your car up for sale. Scratches can be removed with a light toothpaste polish and covered with a DIY scratch repair kit. Dents are a little harder to get rid of, but there are home repair kits and even some smart hacks that can help with that.

Give it a good wax

Humans are highly visual creatures, so if your car looks amazing, you can expect to leave a great impression. A nice sparkling wax job will look like a cherry on top, but don’t try to do it yourself. If you don’t know how to use waxing chemical compounds, you can damage your car’s body and even endanger your health. Besides making your car shine without risking damage to your car's body, a professional car wax job will boost its resale value as well. You might want to do everything connected to maintenance yourself, but leave this one to the professionals.

Replace tires

Tires are one of the most important car parts, plus they are not cheap to replace, so buyers will definitely take them into consideration when looking for a new vehicle. Ideally, you want to replace tires every 50,000 kilometers, but a dull-looking set of wheels can put off buyers no matter how many kilometers went under your car’s tires. If you run into a good deal, get a set of new tires and you’ll leave off a great impression and ensure your car is ready for the road at all times.

Boost resale value in style

Investing in some car accessories is a great way to increase your resale value, but don’t go all-in with the cosmetic additions. Something basic like door protectors, side protective strips, bumper protectors, and window visors will not only add some style to your vehicle but also boost basic safety and protection. The enhanced look of your car will allow you to raise the price of your car and get you a few more bucks. However, don’t over-accessorize by any means. Too many car additions will not only drain your budget but also reduce the number of interested buyers and put you in red when finalizing the deal.

If you’re smart about car maintenance and not afraid to invest a few dollars into your vehicle, you can maximize your car’s resale value and expect a great return on investment. Take these tips seriously and your car will start a bidding war!

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