7 times Ako Stark Was Kicked out from His Apartments

Ako Stark

Ako Stark has been behind the wheel for some of the most exciting YouTube marketing campaigns of the last ten years. With multiple successful YouTube channels for celebrities and businesses under his belt, Stark uses his powerful search engine and video optimization skills to create trends and produce virality.

Ako Stark: Evicted from Seven Apartments on the Way to Success

Did you know Ako Stark has been kicked out of seven apartments during his career? Having lived in Frankfurt, Germany, Prague in the Czech Republic, Daytona Beach, Orlando, and Fort Lauderdale, he’s taken his work and his dream with him from apartment to apartment. Thought the dream always stayed, the apartments often didn’t.

Let’s take a look at seven of the apartments Ako Stark has been kicked out of on his path to success. During this time, he lived in private communities, with strict rules and regulations. Every single time he was kicked out was due to video production in his condo.

A story in YouTube wins and evictions

  1. While living in Prague in 2015, Stark’s landlord received a complaint from the woman living directly next door to him about excessive noise. The noise was so loud the elderly lady had developed eardrum problems. At the time he was working with one of the largest rock bands in the country to create marketing material for them. Loud music production and filming into the late hours of the night cost him the apartment, but it taught him about business priorities.

  2. While building one of the largest online gaming channels in 2016 (which was later terminated due to legal issues), a downstairs neighbor complained about chronic insomnia due to Ako Stark working sometimes until 5 AM. Screaming loudly into his microphone, Stark spent this time developing his creative approach and networking.

  3. Hosting mentoring classes for his associates later that same year, Ako Stark ran afoul of a second landlord in Prague for being too loud during presentations. Genius takes a certain amount of passion, though, and when the noise continued, the apartment body members met, later on, and agreed to let him go.

  4. In only the first animal-related eviction on this list, Stark brought a live goat into his apartment complex in 2017 to film a series of ads for a local dairy manufacturer. After receiving multiple complaints about contravening the apartment’s health and animal regulations, Stark did the only reasonable thing: he brought the goat back a second, then a third, and finally a fourth time. He was asked to leave.

  5. In an early form of his later Pranks Remastered antics, Ako Stark was let go from his lease after an incident with an apartment president who disliked him. Stark owned a capuchin monkey at the time but had just been told he was not legally allowed to own a wild animal in a Florida home.

    Before donating the monkey to a zoo, however, Stark spent weeks training it to strategically slap the president of the apartment complex, using his picture and a reward system. The plan went off perfectly and resulted in him getting kicked out, which he never regretted.

  6. Number six on our list is possibly the most impressive incident Ako Stark ever used to get himself let go from an apartment contract. It’s also the simplest to explain.

    At 2 AM on a Tuesday morning, the YouTube personality found himself locked out of his seventh-story apartment, with no batter on his phone. Minutes later, scaling the side of the building up to the seventh floor to break into his home, a concerned neighbor alerted the police. Though the authorities were understanding when they arrived, minutes later, to the owner of the apartment relaxing in his own home, his landlord was less forgiving and kicked him out.

  7. In the early days of drone film usage, Ako Stark discovered the new technology and immediately jumped on board. He began using a pair of drones to film videos around his Orlando apartment, which caused loud noises and worried neighbors.

    When one inquisitive neighbor became so worked up by the noises coming from his place, she made her way around to his window and found the future marketing champion of YouTube in his living room, crashing two small helicopters together.

    It wasn’t long before Stark got the eviction notice.

Ako Stark: YouTube powerhouse and man of many apartments

Ako Stark is an avid YouTuber and regular content creator, with channels on gaming, SEO, celebrity news and internet marketing. Stark also owns a cryptocurrency forum cryptointalk, which is one of the largest in the world. He hasn’t been kicked out of an apartment in months, but even when you’re a successful creator & entrepreneur you’ve always got to be ready for that next eviction.

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