7 Things to Do to Make a Successful Blogging Career

7 Things to Do to Make a Successful Blogging Career

Any blogger, when he starts blogging, expects that his blog posts will increase the ranking of his blog and he will get noticed and appreciation from the other established bloggers. As a blogger, I know how difficult it is to be ignored by others. In your early blogging career, you might have to face these types of problems and you might have worked hard to get out of it.

I talked to many pro bloggers and almost all of them have suggested a few tips you need to adopt when no one read your post.

In this post, let me share some of the nice techniques pro bloggers used in their early blogging career. These techniques can be very useful for newcomers who are in a situation in which no one reads their blog.

Build a Relationship for a successful blogging career

Before you start, your fellow bloggers must know you as a person. Sometimes your interacting skills may work better than your writing skills and help you get valuable readers for your blog which is the ultimate goal for a blogger or blog owner.

To build a healthy relationship you might give a pingback to your fellow blogger's blog this technique always work and people are very passionate to earn links easily and free of cost.

Express What You Feel in Your Blog

Blogging is expressing your views to others so that they connect to your writings. This is a sheer talent that can be developed by trying different writing styles for your blog. Also, try to express your feelings to others, many bloggers just try to rewrite other content. This must be avoided if you want to have a successful blogging career.

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Promote Your Post

Unless you promote your post who is going to read it. First, try to promote your post on social media with a catchy headline so that people get attracted to your post and get converted into valuable readers.

Try Guest Posts

Guest post is a widely used technique and can provide you a guaranty that if nothing can get readers for your blog then getting your posts approved and published on the higher-quality blog in the same niche can ensure your success, promotion, and fame. Despite getting valuable readers that you will turn to your blog from that blog your post gets approved, you will be benefited by increasing your page rank also.

Comment on Blogs Having CommentLuv

Try to comment on other blogs, this will give you two benefits.

The first is you are getting a link back to your site with gaining some knowledge about the post you are commenting on.

The second one is more beneficial than the first one as this will get you, valuable readers, among your fellow commentators as there is a chance that some of them might get attracted to your catchy headline and get involved in your blog.

Ask for Comment Exchange

Many groups and forums that allow exchanging comments. If your blog posts are of high quality and useful then these bloggers with whom you exchange the comments would become loyal readers of your blog.

Organize Interviews with Bloggers

This technique will work well because you will get useful answers and valuable tips from successful bloggers while beginning your blogging career. Additionally, the followers and readers of these bloggers will get attracted to your site. When your blog posts get no readers, try to get connected with some of the highly successful bloggers and ask them valuable questions that will work for newbie’s, and thus you will have great chances to attract great traffic from newbie’s as well as from others.

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Everybody wants to track back the steps of inspirational bloggers. So your blog post on the interview with any of the pro bloggers will be waiting eagerly by his fans. Don’t forget to ask about their plans about the next update, what they think about Google Penalty and their failures as the failures are the pillars of success as well as there is always a positivity in every negativity.

As there is always room for improvement when you are starting your blogging career, it is very important to adopt these techniques more effectively. Implement these techniques when no one reads your blog and you will soon get the benefits in terms of huge and quality traffic. These techniques are used by successful bloggers and are very popular among the blogosphere.

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