7 Things to Do After Buying a New Bike

7 Things to Do After Buying a New Bike

For a passionate cyclist, there is nothing more joyful than buying a new bike. So once you buy a bike, it is essential to do a few things you’ve planned. Most people start obsessing over a new asset in a way that they don’t seem to take it out in public. Don’t be one of those people and enjoy life to the fullest. Here’s our guide to what you should do after buying a new bike:

1. Get Rid of the Plastic Crap

Do you see all the plastic stuff hanging around the bike and covering every part of it? Don’t postpone taking it off for days. A lot of people start obsessing over a new bike so much that they despise taking off the plastic. Keep in mind, if you drive your bike with plastic all over, not only will it look bizarre but will equally be dangerous for you. One never knows when the hanging plastic might get stuck in the tire causing a road accident.

2. Make Sure Every Part is Working Properly

In the pursuit of buying a new vehicle, a lot of people overlook minor faults, which can be very problematic in the end. Before you set off on a long journey, don’t forget to check the gears, side handles and breaks. Unless you’re not sure about the veracity of a working vehicle, don’t plan a long tour. The greasy parts must work properly and smoothly.

3. Incorporate a Bike Stand

Although most people despise installing a bike stand behind the seat, it is better not to overlook it. Especially if you have someone on the backside, you can't ignore their safety. Even if you want your spouse to hug you tight, you will come across roads where frequent jumps will make it difficult for the two people to stay intact. Therefore it is better to install a bike stand as soon as you buy a new bike.

4. Buy a New Helmet

If you think there is no need for a helmet in the early days, you’re putting yourself at a big risk. The helmet is a must and should not be ignored at all. Not only does it protect your head from serious injuries during an accident, but it also helps you in keeping yourself aligned with the traffic. Try Helmet Hunt online to see their latest collection of bike accessories. You can buy one that matches the color of your vehicle.

5. Go for a Test Drive on Your New Bike

Even after going through a test drive at the showroom, you must explore your locality on the new beast. This is because a lot of vehicles often start creating problems when you drive them for a few miles. Don’t despise going out for a drive in a nearby park or the main road. If you experience any difficulty in applying breaks or turning the handle, consult a professional mechanic to help you out.

6. Incorporate a Bottle Stand

Although this is not common, it is wise enough to have a water bottle to stay hydrated. Summer is already on the ball, so it is better not to take risks and have fluid by your side all the time. You can get a small custom bottle stand from the market at an affordable price. Bottle stands will be a great companion for long tours. Instead of holding a bag by your side, it's better that you let the bike handle the pressure.

7. Go for a Ride

What are you waiting for? Now that you have everything set, this is the right time to go on a ride on your new bike. Although it sounds weird, many people often plan adventurous trips to the mountains and other hilly areas on a bike. The bike is a comfortable vehicle because you can easily make it through crowded traffic and rocky terrains.

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