7 Sure Shot Ways to Tell You Love Your Work

Loving your work can be compared to falling in love with a woman. Once you are in love with her, you think about her often and she is present in your subconscious mind all the time without you noticing.

Here are seven sure shot ways to tell that you love your work:

1. Not getting enough

You do not like to get done with work and get away from it. You enjoy your work, it is part of your life and you like to make yourself comfortable at your workplace. Whenever you are away from your work you secretly think about getting back to work.

2. Mind games

You will have lots of problems that you will not be able to solve at your workplace. You, however, do not worry about them, cause you know there is a solution to it.  Your brain on the other hand because of the effort you put in your work is looking for solutions even when you are not working.

3. Time flies

You do not mind putting in the hours of work. You do not look at the time constantly while you are working. When you do look at the clock you realize that time how time has flown and you did not realize.

4. Independency

You like to figure out the solutions to your problems and do not mind trying out various solutions to figure out your way.

5. Self-motivated

You put in the effort needed to get your work done and when you are not feeling like working you motivate and push yourself to put in the work.

6. Do not disturb

Depending on the kind of person you are, whether you are a task-oriented (the person who needs a task list to get his work done) or a people oriented person ( the person who needs to be around people to get his work done), you like to choose your work environment. Whenever serious work needs to get done, you generally prefer quiet environments and do not like to get disturbed while you are working.

7. Serious productivity

You take your work seriously and focus on your productivity. You know that the only way to excel at your work is to be productive and get more work done in the limited time period that you have. This also allows you  to indulge in activities like sports, music and other forms of recreation that are essential in keeping the high productivity.

Can you find a comparison on how falling in love with a woman is so similar to loving your work? Thinking about your work all the time, not noticing the time flying, finding your path through every difficulty on your own, being self-motivated and a high level of purpose and seriousness at your work is all signs that you are in love with your work. And now there is no returning back.

Is that good or bad for you is for you to decide? Leave your thought in the comments below.

Image source: https://blog.ringcentral.com/2014/02/internal-advocacy-the-first-steps-towards-brand-love-come-from-within/love-my-work/

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