7 Natural Ways to Improve Weak Erection and Boost Your Libido

Improve erections - 7 Natural Ways To Improve Weak Erection And Boost Your Libido

Erectile dysfunction, or as some people also know it by, impotence, is a condition that affects roughly 52% of men when looked upon at a global prevalence. The condition causes complete inhabitation of an erection in more severe cases, but the majority of men that suffer from the condition tends to experience weaker erections and lower libido or they may be able to achieve a full erection during sex, but the erection goes away before the end of sex.

When a man suffers from erectile dysfunction, there is also a good chance that he could suffer from a lower libido, which is a term used to describe the man’s desire to partake in sexual activities. These two conditions have been linked together since not being able to achieve a full erection or maintain such an erection might make a man anxious about his performance in the bedroom, and could also make him less interested in being involved in a sexual act with a partner.

When a doctor diagnoses erectile dysfunction, they will prepare a treatment plan for the affected patient. This would sometimes include sex counseling, but in most cases, would first include the treatment of the potential cause, accompanied by medication such as Viagra.

This, however, is not beneficial for all men as it may cause several adverse reactions to occur. There are alternatives to medications used to treat a weak erection, as well as to boost sexual desire – and that’s exactly what we will discuss below. If you suffer from a weak erection or you find that your erectile function problems are starting to have an impact on your libido, then read on and implement some of these effective strategies into your own life to reap their benefits.

1. Try some home exercises

While frequently participating in physical exercise is important for both physical and mental health, people often tend to overlook the fact that physical exercise is also important for sexual health. A lot of men who have suffered from weak erections and other problems in the bedroom have gained a significant number of benefits after implementing a new exercise routine into their daily life.

You do not have to go to the gym every day or pay expensive membership fees as several exercises for erectile dysfunction and a low sex drive can be done at home. AccessRX recommends running, speed walking and weight training for enhancing erectile strength and boosting libido.

2. Do some dancing

For many people, exercising is simply boring. They would rather sit in front of the television and watch something exciting, or get in front of the computer to play some games. The truth is, exercising does not have to be boring and dull. To spice things up, you and your partner could take up some dancing classes – if you are not seeing anyone, all the more reason to go out and meet new people at a dance school.

Many forms of dancing provide intense levels of exercise that are good for you – this also helps to keep weight under control, which is another bonus for maintaining healthy blood circulation.

3. Yoga poses to boost libido

Apart from physical exercise, yoga also provides an excellent way to combat the effects of erectile dysfunction and create stronger, fuller erections. Yoga helps in more than one ways and may also assist with boosting your libido. This activity is good for improving flexibility and blood flow, as well as to reduce stress and relieve anxiety-related symptoms. Better-erection.com recommends the pigeon pose, the dancers pose and the twisting triangle pose.

4. Lower blood pressure levels

High blood pressure is a particular health concern that can contribute to weaker erections. Mayo Clinic explains that high blood pressure causes damage to the lining of arteries found in the body, which reduces blood flow to the man’s penis and a reduction in the size of their erections. If you suffer from high blood pressure, then you can try a natural remedy to reduce blood pressure. Prevention recommends reducing salt intake, eating dark chocolate and drinking some red wine.

5. Maintain your stress levels

Stress is another emotional factor that contributes to the symptoms of erectile dysfunction, such as weaker erections or, in many cases, an erection that cannot be properly maintained. Stress also causes high blood pressure and other symptoms that damage your erectile function. Dr. Axe recommends trying to meditate, spending some time in nature and adding some essential oils to your bath.

6. Adopt a healthier diet

We are quick to admit that we do not always consume the healthiest of foods – and we are already aware of the many negative attributes that an unhealthy diet has to contribute to our general wellbeing.

In addition to affecting our physical and mental health, a diet that is not high in the daily vitamins and minerals our bodies need will also contribute to weaker erections, as well as mental symptoms that may cause a reduced libido. Try including healthier choices in your daily diet and avoid foods that have too much sugar, unhealthy fats, and salt content.

7. Try a natural supplement

While Viagra and similar medication used to increase blood flow to the penis may cause severe side-effects, many natural supplements like Nugenix have been proven to work in a similar way without leading to any harmful adverse effects. There are many different male enhancement supplements on the market today, but we recommend opting for one that contains ingredients that increase nitric oxide, which causes blood vessels to expand and blood flow to improve.


More than half of the global male population suffers from some symptoms related to erectile dysfunction. While some men experience more severe symptoms, the majority of sufferers still have the ability to gain an erection, but their erection may not be as firm as they wish it to be and may not last for a normal period of time.

The natural strategies we discussed in this post will help you overcome a weak erection and a low libido by boosting blood flow to the penis and stimulating the mental attributes that are involved in sexual arousal. Implementing these strategies are quick and easy, and can easily be combined with a natural supplement for better and faster results. 

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