7 Basic Elements of a Traditional Kitchen Look

7 Basic Elements of a Traditional Kitchen Look - kitchen design

Planning to get a perfect look for your kitchen? Well, you might see the rise of the farmhouse and contemporary design but the traditional kitchen is still one of the popular kitchen styles. The grandiose design scheme and basic color palette give a great look making your kitchen trendy and stylish for a long time. In addition, if you are planning to remodel your kitchen, then you need to get the services of kitchen remodeling Cape Cod for satisfactory results.

Today, we will be discussing some of the essential elements of the traditional kitchen. Following are the seven elements that you need to know:

1-Decorative Accessories and Details

One of the greatest features of the traditional kitchen is the attention given to the usage of the decorative accessories. The things we are focusing here include the crown moldings, wainscoting on the island, corbels, and furniture-like pieces along with the embellishment in every area of the room. In a traditional kitchen, there should be an element everywhere that attracts and define the beauty due to the decorative accessories.

2- Neutral Color Palette

Colors always add a great look to the area be it the kitchen or any other space in your house. Coming to the color palette used in the traditional kitchen is all about the classic color palette. You can consider about warm and cool neutrals such as light beige and deep cherries. In the case of contemporary and modern designs, they focus on the cool and crisp colors that highlight materials and bring the pop of edgy style. All the selection depends on the style you are going to have for your kitchen. So, the selection of color palette should be according to the contemporary, modern, or traditional style of your kitchen.

3- Luxury Countertops for Traditional Kitchen

Countertops act as a functional area within your kitchen space that is used for various working. So, it is holding an important place in the kitchen designing process. If you are looking to add colors, then countertops are the best way to enhance your traditional kitchen design. You can easily pick a luxurious countertop material like Granite and Quartz. You can opt for the design with lots of movement in the pattern and you can choose a marble-imitating countertop like classic quartz. If you need any assistance, then you can contact professional kitchen remodelers to select the right option for your kitchen.

4- Raised or Vintage Panel Cabinets

Cabinets are the essential parts of the kitchen structure. It comes in a variety of different style. Modern kitchen styles are all about simplicity when we are talking about the cabinetry styles whereas in the traditional design focus on the cabinets that come with the embellished style. For your traditional kitchen, you can choose the basic shaker or plain style cabinets to uplift the design of your kitchen. Make your decision according to the design and style of kitchen or you can contact professionals to get the assistance during selection.

5- Glazed Cabinetry and Antique Finishes

As discussed above the traditional kitchen use the neutral color palette and the cabinets are with antique or glaze finishes as compared to the cabinets that appear more natural. Some of the popular choices include Cordovan stain on Cherry cabinets with a Sable Glaze or you can go for White cabinets with a Walnut Glaze. These options are some of the traditional kitchen renovation ideas that you can choose to get a new look for your kitchen.

6- Simple Backsplash

If we generally look at the popular choices for the homeowner, then we will see that people like to go for colorful and highly patterned backsplashes. But, for the traditional kitchen, if you go with a busy backsplash it can be overwhelming and will complicate the space. The reason behind this is that you have already so much going on in term of decorative accessories so, it is better to keep backsplash simple in term of style, color, and materials.

7- Decorative Lighting

You might be wondering how to lighten up your kitchen? Well, the answer to this question is that you might like a beautiful chandelier in your traditional kitchen. This addition will surely enhance the detail-oriented element of the area. Furthermore, decorative lighting is the best way to give a classy look to your whole kitchen’s look. But remember one thing you need to select the lights in the end but you need to keep the addition of a light in mind during the designing and planning process.

Hope that now you are aware of the essential elements of the traditional kitchen. However, if you are looking to get professional help for designing or remodeling your kitchen, then you can get in touch with kitchen remodeling companies to get the work done by experts.

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