7 Amazing Places in Croatia


Croatia is a stunning country located in Southern Europe. The splendid stretch of Adriatic coastline where mountains meet the sea is truly breathtaking. The country has a rich history and culture that leads to the flourishing tourist industry. Croatia receives more than ten million tourists annually. They are mainly drawn by the clear waters of Adriatic Sea, beautiful coastline, clean beaches, nature reserves, sailing and cycling tours etc.

Here are seven sites you shouldn’t miss when traveling to Croatia:

1. Dubrovnik 

The one thing that will surely amaze you in Dubrovnik is the medieval walls of stone that surround the core of this city. The most popular sightseeing spots in the city are Sponza Palace, the Franciscan monastery, the church of St. Blasius, Rector's Palace, as well as the eminent square Stradun. In addition, Dubrovnik is the most legendary Croatian travel postcard. Therefore if you are yearning for cultural delight, then you must visit Dubrovnik city.

2. Šibenik 

Šibenik is the third largest city in Croatia that is situated in central Dalmatia. Šibenik is the access point for the Kornati Islands and Krka National Park. The alleys and stone maze of the steep backstreets are a joy to explore. From beautiful St. James Cathedral which you just cannot miss while in the city. Up to four fortresses from which one of them was built on the island at the entrance of the sea channel. Sibenik is a beautiful city with rich history and a splendid natural beauty.

3. Plitvice Lakes

One of the well-known sights and oldest national Parks in Southeast Europe is UNESCO-protected National Park of Plitvice Lakes. In the year 1979, this tourist site was listed as a collection of heritage sites at UNESCO hence it is an authentic jewel in Croatia.
It is a wonderland of turquoise lakes, rugged hills, bubbling waterfalls, and lush greenery. Despite the stunning landscapes, this exotic paradise is inhabited by wolves, wild bears, over one hundred and sixty bird species, and wonderful butterflies species. The hiking trails meander and wooden footbridges offer the visitors an opportunity to view the animals, birds, insects, and unspoiled beauty as well as giving its visitors a great opportunity to take photos

4. Island Vis

Rather peaceful Croatian island gifted with untouched natural beauty. If you want to have a truly relaxing holiday, then island Vis should be your top choice. You can explore ancient city walls, climb the mount Hum, or explore Blue and Green Cave. In 2016, European Best Destinations named Vis Island as the top beach in Europe. Stiniva is a secluded white sand cove that is nestled between the soaring rocky cliffs of Vis Island and lapped by the clear waters of Adriatic Sea.

5. Zadar

This old city is rich in history and is situated along the seashore on the Dalmatian Coast. The 3000-year-old city has plenty of sites to visit and is not as crowded as other cities in Croatia. The tourists have an opportunity to see the medieval architecture, Roman ruins, and numerous ancient churches at the heart of this city. Along Zadar coastline, there is a string of beaches where the tourists swim, sunbathe and relax.
The waterfront of Zadar is Croatia’s most unique site since it is graced with the view of a beautiful sunset and cutting-edge art installations that are designed by a local architect.

6. Island Korcula

Korcula Island is a thirty miles Island that is located off the Adriatic Coast. It comprises of olive groves, vineyards, charming villages, lush green pine forests, and sandy beaches. Korcula Town is the main town on this Island. It has plenty of tourist amenities, colorful markets, and is walled with Venetian Renaissance architecture.

7. Split

Split is located along the coast; It is the capital of Dalmatia and second largest city in Croatia. It has a splendid wooded park, modern harbor, old town, and is a major transport hub in Croatia. The city is built around and inside Diocletian's Palace that is world heritage site for UNESCO. Also, within the walls of Diocletian's Palace lies a wonderful cathedral.

In conclusion, these are some of the must-visit locations in Croatia that will make your holiday enjoyable as you tour this beautiful country.

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