7 Fun Long Distance Birthday Gift Ideas to Make Anyone Smile

7 Fun Long Distance Birthday Gift Ideas to Make Anyone Smile

Thanks to online shops now communication becomes faster and seamless. Your friend, family or loved one is living across the seas. It is very difficult to fly over the seas and to meet personally. There you can show your love and care with Send Birthday Flowers to the USA. Birthday is a special moment in everyone’s life. You can easily reconnect in a relationship by using the mentioned birthday gift ideas. We have made a list of thoughtful and useful long distance gift to share in the milestone celebration of life.

1. Send a birthday party in a box

Let them give a chance to celebrate a big birthday bash. The birthday party in a box is a creative thought you can use to help them planning a big birthday bash. The birthday box is a hidden balloon, confetti, birthday banner, streamers, and some gourmet treats. So what you are not there to celebrate personally, share this box with them and say to celebrate a birthday in a grand manner.

2. Send cake in a jar as a birthday gift

It is a wonderful thought to impress your birthday host. instead of sending a birthday cake to send them a favorite flavor cake in a miniature jar. the cake is layered with goodness flavorful whipped crème and nice toppings. the concept is new and quite cost friendly than sending a designer cake. The jar holds enough cake a single person can finish it at one go. so it is ten times better birthday gift for the loved one to show how much you care for them.

3. Throw a virtual birthday surprise party

As you can not join in their celebration you can throw a virtual surprise birthday party by using SKYPE or Whatsapp video call. There you need to contact all the closet friends of birthday host. Send them birthday balloons and some birthday supplies. Also, send one box to birthday guy. Also, send a notice to when to open the box. On the fixed time make a conference call. All have to wear party hats and pop balloons to throw a virtual party. Send birthday cake on birthday person’s door to enjoy a cake cutting ceremony together.

4. Send love coupons

Share love coupons which they can redeem on the same day or afterward. It can be the best birthday gift. You can pull the extra effort in it by customizing the coupons in your way. There are endless designs and creative sites help you to show your love for them. Your efforts say that you deeply think of them.

5. A bouquet of eco-friendly roses

Sending flowers is a subtle way to reach directly to their hearts. Red rose is a symbol of enduring love and passion. So sending eco-friendly roses is the best way to let them know about your feelings. Go to the florist farm, pick flowers yourself and tell the florist to make a bouquet of hand-picked flowers. With so many options in the flowers bouquet, you can choose their favorite flower. No worries if you are not able to reach the farm, tell the florist to take the freshest flowers picked in the news of today morning.

6. Transform your photo into a real painting

Though digital painting is rating on the top of the birthday gift list the hand painting has not lost its charm yet. Share your photo to the artist and tell an artist to paint it. You can also ask to draw a couple of photo of both of you. Tell the painter to give a nice romantic background. It clearly shows your love for them. Send this painting at your loved one’s doorstep. The exceptional painting will always remind of you whenever they will see to it.

7. Send balloons

Balloons in a box are a great surprise you can use to make their birthday extra special. You can hide one memorable gift floating on the end thread of one balloon. You can rely on happy birthday balloons delivery shop to create some stunning effects. Once they receive it and open it balloons start floating towards the ceiling. One balloon will stay at the end tied with the gift at the end.

No one can stop you if you have hard chore feelings for them. Seas don’t become a barrier if you are strongly connected by the heart. The long-distance birthday gift gives you a chance to share your feelings from far. It gives you an opportunity to tell them you care about them. It is well said that heart to heart connection is very important than the physical connection. Here this phrase suits when you put the effort into buying and sending birthday gifts for near one. Do not break this trend; continue strengthening the bond from doing such type of gestures from far.

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