6 Ways to Gain Clients as a Property Manager

6 Ways to Gain Clients as a Property Manager

According to the Rental Protection Agency, the rental market gains 2,654 new people every day. This exponential growth of potential tenants demands the attention of quality property manager. Why can’t that quality PM be you?

Sure, you’re willing, but maybe you’re not getting many clients. How could this be, what with all the people in America looking to rent? With property management, for example, both seasonal and long-term rentals are in abundance. Given this, you would think that finding clients is easy.

The truth is far from that.

There are plenty of landlords that could use a hand, but you’ll never find them if your strategy is weak. Your best bet is to study hard and study often to learn all the secrets of the industry. Another necessary action is to network and market like crazy. The results will be rewarding.

Below are such tips to help you in your journey. Read on to learn 6 ways to bring in more clients to your property management business.

1. Join Reputable Groups

You’ve probably heard before that if you want to gain clients you need to network. Of course, this is true, but how does one go about networking?

Joining groups is a great place to start as a property manager.

Consider joining a local business club such as a BNI where you have a solid group of people who will turn over referrals to you. You can also join reputable organizations such as a Chamber of Commerce, the Better Business Bureau or Angie’s list.

This association and high visibility will help potential clients gain more trust in you. They will also recommend you to their friends and connections.

2. Ask for Referrals

Instead of wondering for the ways to find new clients and being hesitant asking for the referrals, just ask! Start with your immediate circle and their friends or families, then branch out.

Try asking the clients that you already have. Let them know you are looking to bring in more businesses and they may spread the word to their friends or coworkers.

Also ask realtors, home improvement contractors, and home designers. These people generally know who is renting or selling their home. They can clue you in on who may need your services or even refer their clients to you as well.

3. Check Out Rental Ads

Go online and check out the popular rental and home sites such as HotPads, HomeAdvisor, Zillow, or Trulia. Try reaching out to the landlords that are using these websites. Don’t rule out the classifieds in print and digital newspapers. This is often a great source people forget about.

Often, people are completely oblivious to the legal risks that they could be facing. Not to mention, when issues arise, they may not be properly equipped to deal with them. Some landlords never even consider residential property manager or management, so making a few smart points can take you far.

Sometimes, they don’t even know they needed your help until you make some very smart points!

4. Great and Useful Website

As with any company in 2018, your website is the focal point to your business - only second to the physical location. It’s important to make sure the website is fast, visually striking and responsive on all devices. These three factors alone will put you far ahead of your competition.

It’s also important that you make your website as useful as possible. Make sure all the information is clear and easy to find. Use up to date software that makes life easier for your clients and tenants. Add some easy access perks online payments or maintenance schedule.

You can also advertise to prospective clients by putting up proof of your work.

5. Get Proof of Your Work

How do you expect to market properly, if you have nothing to show for all your effort? Take photos and video where applicable to show the dedication you put into your Cape Cod property management services.

Keep records of everything you do for your clients including the problems that occurred and the solutions you provided. It’s good to have case studies handy to help answer questions.

Make sure to get tons of reviews. This can be especially easy if you require entrance and exit surveys from your tenants and landlords. This will prove to be valuable in helping you build a strong and trusted presence in the industry as a property manager.

6. Strong Digital Marketing

Digital marketing via search engines and social media are other ways to help you build a strong presence. Through social channels like Facebook, Yelp and LinkedIn, you can gain valuable insights on both prospective clients and tenants.

Not to mention, it helps with branding in which you can make a clear distinction between your business and your competitors. Take this opportunity to highlight your values, strengths, and goals. You can also learn ways to align your vision with that of your target market.

But it doesn’t stop at social media. You must use all possible ways online to spread the words about your business as much as possible. This is done through search engine optimization. One could write a book on the subject but suffice it to say that it contributes to strong branding and customer relationships.

According to a Survey done by HomeUnion, homeownership has dropped by almost 10% in the past few years. From this, one can take it that the rental market is ripe for the taking for a property manager. Given this, the time is now to study up, build your brand, and then start bringing in new clients.

Hopefully, you’ve found these tips useful to get your business turning in the right direction! Contact real property management associates for more tips.

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