6 Life Lessons You Have to Learn to Be Happy

6 Life Lessons You Have to Learn to Be Happy

If you are not happy with the situations in your life and having trouble keeping things smooth, you need to look at yourself and learn these life lessons people often learn too late.

1. You can't be happy if you try to make everybody happy - First of the life lessons

A person with a YES MAN and people pleaser type personality will always suffer. Everybody will take advantage of such a person.

If you are always trying to make others happy and agrees with other, you are surely going to be the victim of betrayal.

People pleaser assumes responsibility for other's good or bad feelings, takes burdens of and do other's tasks, feel guilty when something goes wrong.

They often compromise own schedule, goals, health and wealth to make others feel comfortable. They fear or hesitate to tell the truth just because other people may be hurt. They don’t even admit when their own feelings are hurt.

This is one of the most destructive aspects of a person and if you are having it, you should overcome it as soon as possible.

It doesn’t help you become happy in any way. Real happiness comes when you are actually doing what you should be doing to become happy.

People often leave the people-pleaser in a bad situation, so if you are the one, you better learn this lesson and overcome people pleasing personality as soon as possible.

Not trying to make everybody happy is one of the uncommon traits of highly successful people.

2. Money is not everything, but you are also nothing without it

Money gives you freedom of choice and security in terms of basic necessities like food, clothes, and shelter. You can not ignore the importance and power of money.

If you have a lot of money, it will certainly reflect your outlook, your behavior, your health, and your lifestyle. People would like to be with you and have you as a friend if you are rich. But if you are poor, nobody will look at you. Nobody would like to have you as a friend.

Most of the people who are your friends as you are a rich person will leave you as soon as you become poor just like animals and birds leave the jungle as soon as the sources of water and food are empty. This is one of the most important life lessons you have to learn to be happy.

3. Nobody but you have to care for yourself

Whether you are in a good situation or in a bad situation, you are the person who is responsible for it. Nobody can truly feel and understand what you are going through except you.

Your family and loved ones can, but has limits and will not be there to help you in every situation. I would like to recite an answer by Ben Kolber, Former paratrooper, for a question on Quora.

The question was about life-changing experience. The answer was about his experience during his service in the army.

He had to stay at the base with his two teammates during the weekend just because their officer asked them to complete a task in two minutes and they were late for just 10 seconds.

He was not sure if they were late or on-time because he forgot to stop his stopwatch while he reached back to the officer. So the officer ordered them to stay at the base during the weekend. They weren’t even allowed to raise a question or argue.

While others were going home to enjoy time with their family, Ben and his two friends were to stay at the base. This made him learn a lesson that nobody cares about what you are facing or going through. Only you are the person who can truly care for yourself.

Most of the people don’t care about your problems and sufferings because they are busy with their own. This is one of the bitter life lessons on has to learn to avoid miseries latter.

4. People will love you being a yes man and will start criticizing you as soon as you start saying no

If you are YES MAN, people will like you and take advantage of you, but as soon as you learn the reality and learn to say NO, the same people will start hating and criticizing you.

People will take no time forgetting what you had been doing for them so far and will try to put you in a bad light when you say NO. But this may be for once or for a few times and then people will accept you as you are.

5. Health is the only true wealth

Health is wealth, and you realize this when you lose it. People ignore health while rushing for the wealth for their young days and when they have enough wealth to enjoy, most of them don’t have good health and energy.

What's the meaning of spending your enjoyable time for gathering wealth which you wouldn’t be able to use for the fun when you are old if you don’t have good health and energy?

This is the most important thing and people often learn this lesson when its almost late.

If you really want to enjoy life, start making health before its too late. Eat good and healthy food, drink a lot of water, do exercise and meditate daily, spend more time with family and keep stress away. This is the most important life lessons as most of the happiness depends on this.

6. Nothing lasts forever

So don’t get attached to anything or anybody to the level of obsession. I have spent a lot of my time being obsessive about things that were not going to last forever, and that kept me from being passionate about my real goal.

When you are attached to anything or anybody, it becomes your weakness and you no longer can focus on your goal. You no longer can progress towards your self-realization.

You become vulnerable to the fears. Fear of loss of that thing or person from your life. Fear of not being able to live up to that person’s expectations and fear of their being unhappy with you.

Leave the obsession, and you will become free. You will get fresh air and a new vision. You will feel the power that will let you do what you should do to bring your full potential to the world.

If you want to be obsessive, be for your goal. Your goals can be achieved only if you are obsessive and passionate about them and are free from the obsession with materialistic things and people. This is the truth of life and one can't ignore when we talk about the life lessons.


Have an amazing life ahead!

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