6 Basic Rules to Creating a Successful Website

6 Basic Rules to Creating a Successful Website

Today, every business has a dedicated website to let people directly access their products and services. The successful website not just allows businesses direct communication with their customers but also gives them the ability to expand their brand name and thus increase their efficiency. However, with fierce competition on the web where there are hundreds of thousands of websites to visit, it is required to make something catchy to attract buyers. No doubt anyone with basic computer knowledge and designing tips can make a website; there are some rules to make websites stand out from rest.

If you want your business’ website to be on the front pages of Google, follow our guideline given below:

1. Know the Aim and Set the Plan for a Successful Website

Understand your business well before presenting it online. Find out who your real audience is and keeping them in mind, design your successful website. Set the short and long term goals you need to achieve in general and through the site.

2. Be clear with your Product/ Service Offerings

A website should be such that if anyone who visits it instantly comes to know what it is about. It shouldn’t take much time for web users to discover what your products and services are. Otherwise, they will simply leave. Remember the customer is the key in every business and every successful website must focus on its target customers so that both parties can connect easily with each other. How a business offers its products/services online can drastically improve their rate of conversions.

3. Focus on the design and layout

The overall look and feel of a website is the first thing a visitor will notice. Create a simple design without cramming too much on every page. Also, organize the pages well with a top-down design to let users easily browse and navigate through different sections. Remember it’s not only the design that will make the difference; you have to make your website super user-friendly to make it run successfully among the pioneers.

4. Stress on the Load Time

Speeding up a website is one of the ways to get more traffic and generate more sales. “According to Dan Milton from Vivio Sites (https://viviosites.com/), a successful website makes a great first impression if its load time is under four seconds.” So, built a site and employ all those schemes that can make it load quickly. Some of the things one can do to in this regard include enabling compression, optimizing and scaling images, enabling caching, minimizing HTTP requests and optimizing the database.

5. Make Contact Details Visible

Make sure your contact information is easy to find. Also, make sure to answer your clients on time. Employ different media such as email, phone, and fax system to stay connected with the customers. Don’t forget to use social media platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter. These will not only allow connection with the clients but will also help you spread your business/brand name.

6. Make A Portable Website

Today, most people browse through their mobile phones and tablets instead of desktops or laptops. So, make your website such that it supports handheld devices. Well, this will not take extra efforts. Just don’t stuff your pages. Keep them simple, easy to use and most importantly light. So a successful website is that which can be viewed on any handheld device and not just computers.

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