5 Ways to Reignite the Romance in Your Married Life

5 Ways to Reignite the Romance in Your Married Life

Missing that never-stopping fire of love and romance between you and your partner experienced during a couple of years after your marriage? What’s keeping you from having that same romantic and passionate times with your partner now? How can you rekindle the romance in your married life?

All your questions can be answered if you are open to think and follow certain suggestions. You can reinitiate a romantic married life as a new couple if you still have the same feelings of love and care towards your partner. So here are the ways and suggestions that you need to act on to spark the fire of love again.

1. Hold your partner’s hand with love and care

Being married doesn’t mean just to provide the living and basic needs of your partner as a husband or just to manage home and kitchen as a wife. There is more than that and you have to keep doing it to keep romance in your relationship alive.

Hold your partner’s hand often and show your love and care. Holding hand or hugging your partner means a lot and, if we look from the scientific angle, these small gestures help release Oxytocin, a hormone that is released during intercourse and orgasm. It also helps reduce stress and improve a happy feeling.

2. Show affection for a healthy married life

A major reason why couples lose interest in sex is that they do it abruptly. They don’t allow their body to be ready for intercourse. Additionally, starting foreplay instantly and in a hurry is also not advisable. Instead, give yourself and your partner some time and use that time to rekindle the romance in your life. Setting mode before starting actual intercourse is very important. So, touch affectionately on different body parts of your partner and go on slowly. It will make him/her feel relaxed and ready for the lovemaking time.

3. Try different ways of romance

In order to bring back the thrill and curiosity in your married life, you should try different ways of romance in your bedroom. Try sexy lingerie or naughty costume to give a different angle to your love games. Costumes like a sexy school girl or flirty nurse for female and sexy cop or soldier for male can add a lot of fun and hotness in your bedroom.

4. Keep intimate time and routine separate

Some couples do sex like a routine. It kills the purpose and joy in married life. If you want to enjoy sex like a new couple every-time, keep it separate from your routine. Having a well-planned and prepared session for sexual intimacy is far better than having intercourse daily or too often. The first will give you a sense of contentedness while later will give you a sense of boredom and will make you tired. Keep your intimate time separate and don’t talk about anything else during this time. You will feel the difference.

5. Try new things while making love

If you are tired of doing sex the same ways every time, it’s the time to do something different like wearing erotic nightwear and playing erotic games. You can try different things for foreplay to light the fire of sex and make your partner beg for the intercourse. Then it can be different sex positions. Learn and try multiple of them in a session to make your journey to orgasm even more enjoyable.

There are also many sex games and tools available online, like sex dices, sex toys, wishes cards, BDSM kit, etc. Use them to apply random foreplay acts and sex positions for intensive pleasure. A BDSM kit works best to make your wild fantasies and erotic dreams come true.


There are many ways to bring your sex and romance life back to life even if many years are passed after your marriage. Love, care, affection, preparation and trying different tools and ways of enjoying intimate time will rekindle the romance in your married life.

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