Play My Music: 5 Things to Know Before You Start Your Own Music Studio

Play My Music: 5 Things to Know Before You Start Your Own Music Studio

Music is one of the most beautiful things you can experience in your life. Performing and listening to music can incite a whole myriad of emotions. Recording and mixing music, however, can be much more challenging but just as satisfying as to listening or performing it. If you’re a musician who’s looking to open a new chapter in your life and take your passion to the next level, the next logical step is building your own music studio. The work of music producers and other similar studio-related professions is often overlooked. These people clean your favorite tunes and can inspire a whole culture revolving around how they mix and create a unique sound. Build your own home music studio and become the next Pharell Williams, Ryan Lewis, or Prince of your generation.

As with any hobby or profession, it takes more than desire and passion to become a good and successful music producer and music studio owner. There are a few things you have to keep in mind when it comes to building your dream studio:

Be Dedicated with your Craft

As fun as producing performing music can be, music production can be a very monotonous endeavor to embark on. You’re going to need that additional push to go that extra mile when everything about your craft seems to progress slower and has hit a plateau. It is also a good idea to consider whether or not you are a fit and suitable for the erratic nature of the music industry. Some like creating and performing music more while some prefer to stay behind the scenes and help produce hits and iconic sounds from the sidelines.

Invest in High-Quality Music Studio Equipment

Most first-time and beginner studio builders tend to think that going for cheap studio equipment is a good place to start. While this will save you some money in the beginning, it will eventually cost you even more in the long run once you decide to upgrade your equipment. Start setting yourself apart from the competition immediately by having exceptional studio equipment that will help your up-and-coming music studio skyrocket its reputation. You don’t have to buy all the high-end gear from the get-go, but it is highly advisable to get above average music studio equipment instead of entry level ones to achieve the high-quality sound.

To give you an idea of what kinds of equipment you are going to need at first, here’s a list:

  • A Computer
  • Audio Interfaces
  • Studio Monitors
  • One or Two Microphones
  • Headphones
  • Various Cables and Adapters
  • One Mic Stand
  • A Pop Filter

Know Your Music Production Softwares

Aside from physical music equipment, you are going to need a music production software or a digital audio workstation to produce high-quality sounds and clean various music recordings. While there are free alternatives for digital audio workstations or DAWs like GarageBand, Audacity, and Cakewalk, it would be better to invest in premium software such as Ableton, FL Studios, Reason, and Logic X to name a few. Choose the software that’s best for your style and workflow, study how it works, and discover all its ins and outs to produce the best music out there.

Make Your Studio Feel Like Home

As with any business, location is key to ensuring the success of your establishment as it will determine how many people will drop by and use your studio. Its ambiance is also a significant factor as an overly professional setting may not be the best venue for creative juices to flow. Make your studio feel homey and welcoming to let musicians feel comfortable creating the best music they can.

Develop Healthy Relationships with your Clients

Providing exceptional service is the bare minimum for music studio owners. However, you should also be a welcoming and encouraging figure to those who enter your booths. Leaving a good impression on your artists and regular clients will mean more referrals for new people to check out your place. Not only will your business thrive, but it will also help your clients produce exceptional music. Having this kind of attitude will go a long way for both your studio and for budding musicians.

The music studio is where all the subtleties happen to make any form of music magical. This place is where the ideas and emotions of musicians and producers turn into beautiful works of art. If you’re the type of person who prefers to stay behind the limelight but still has that creative drive for everything about music, then it is time for you to build a music studio. It may prove to be a daunting task, but the possibilities once you make it happen are endless.

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