5 Things to Consider When Buying a Boxing Headgear

5 Things to Consider When Buying a Boxing Headgear

If you have ever boxed a day in your life, then you know protecting yourself is just as important (if not more important) than landing a few decent hits on your opponent. In fact, most coaches and seasoned boxers will tell you to weave and swerve often in order to minimize chances of encountering hits. Yet, there will always be times when a few punches will find their way through your defenses. For times like those, you need to be equipped with protective gears like boxing headgear that protects you from serious injury.

Among the wide variety of protective equipment used by boxers, the boxing headgear is the most important one. It protects the head from serious and long-lasting damage and prevents concussions as well as cartilage damage. However, not all headgears are the same and many fail to provide sufficient protection. As such, it is essential to have prior knowledge regarding what features a good boxing headgear possesses before deciding to purchase one.

Though many amateurs may assume that all boxing headgears are essentially the same, however, that is not the case. The best boxing headgear has distinct features that make it desirable for all boxers under all conditions, whether it is sparring, light training or professional matches. We shall look at some of those unique features in this article, but before we get to that, it is prudent to go over the various types of headgears available in boxing.

Types of Boxing Headgear

There are mainly three types of boxing headgear:

  1. Open face headgear: You might have seen this type of headgear in use in gyms or for amateur boxing matches. These are open from the front and offer little to no cheek and chin protection. They are ideal for vision maximization and if you are training in a hot and humid environment. However, if you are looking to box professionally, you are probably better off with the full-face headgear.
  2. Full-face headgear: The full-face headgear offers the most protection by covering your cheeks and chin. The cheek usually covers with gel inserts that dampen the impact of a punch. Moreover, this headgear also shields the side and back of the head, but due to increased protection, it weighs more than the open-faced headgear.
  3. Face Saver/ Jaw Saver Headgear: coaches or trainers most commonly use this during sparring sessions. It comes with a solid over the chin to protect it from blows.

Keep an Eye Out for Important Features

Now that you are familiar with the types of boxing headgear, it is time to get to the buying part. Although most people prefer buying boxing headgear from a brick and mortar store, the 21st century has enhanced the use of technology virtually everywhere. Plenty of online retailers such as Infinitude Fight can provide you with the opportunity to buy the best custom boxing headgear available online. This not only gives you the chance to inject a bit of your own personality into your boxing gear but also purchase the best quality products from the comfort of your own home. Once you decide where to buy the boxing headgear, make sure it has these features:

  1. Adjustability: You want your headgear to be adjustable. How well it fits may be as important as the protection it provides. In fact, the latter may even be dependent on the prior, which is why you want your headgear to have Velcro straps at the back. This allows easy adjustment whenever you need to secure its fit, but beware of low-quality Velcro, as it can lose its stickiness after a few uses.
  2. Placement: This directly relates to adjustability, but it requires a separate mention since the placement of the cheek protectors is an important point of concern. The headgear should fit you as such that the cheek protectors cover your cheekbones directly. This would ensure that your cheekbone remains well protected from the risks of damage on impact.
  3. Orbital Protection: The orbital bone is present right above your eyes (around your eyebrows). A hit here is not only painful but also puts you at risk of damaging your eye. This is why the headgear you purchase should cover your orbital bone completely, yet not so much that it hinders your vision.
  4. Sweat Lick Lining: You are going to be sweating a lot during training and matches, which is why having sweat lick lining, is an essential part of a boxing headgear. This prevents the sweat droplets from rolling down the forehead and affecting vision. Absorbing sweat lining also prevents the headgear from slipping during training sessions and matches.
  5. Cheek Protector Design: Poorly made boxing headgears have cheek protectors bent outwards. This does not only hinder vision but also offers poor protection against punches. The best boxing headgears have cheek protectors bent inward to maximize visibility and absorb punches.

These were just some of the features you have to keep an eye on when you buy boxing headgear, but whichever headgear you purchase to make sure it feels good and comfortable while you wear it on your head. 

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