5 Self-Care Tips for Parents

5 Self-Care Tips for Parents

From organizing playdates to keeping your child safe, parenting is a full-time job. While it’s not classified as an official profession, many parents dedicate more time to taking care of their children than they do to themselves. As the saying goes, it’s hard to pour from an empty cup. It’s important for parents to take time for themselves and to keep their spirits up, especially during the time of self-isolation. Here are 5 self-care tips for busy parents to use every day.


Being able to function with a clear head makes all of the difference. As a parent, put yourself in “time out”. Every morning or evening, set aside 10-20 minutes of quiet time to let your thoughts flow and your mind relax. By meditating, you can release the anxiety that has built up over time and make room for some good feelings. Meditation is a great way to bring some calm energy to a busy day and therefore we have placed on the top of the list of self-care tips. You can use an app such as Headspace to help you get started.

Take a break from electronics

In this time we’re living in, everyone feels as though they have to post a picture or it didn’t happen. In reality, people only post the good things in their life, also known as their “highlight reel”, which can stir up feelings of comparison or not being good enough. Dedicate an hour or a full day to stepping away from the screen and spending your time doing something you enjoy such as reading, exercising, or spending time with loved ones.

Schedule some alone time

According to an Indianapolis family law attorney, “As children grow and change, so too does their circumstances regarding custody.” Whether scheduling a few days away with the other parent or letting your child go to a sleepover, it’s important to maintain healthy boundaries with your children, which involves occasionally enjoying the company of others. During your alone time, you can get the things you’ve been putting off done or spend an afternoon doing activities you enjoy. This is an effective way of setting your mind free from the massively hectic surrounding and therefore has an important place in self-care tips.

Prioritize healthy choices

Whether it’s food, what you watch, or what you think, make sure you’re making healthy choices that benefit you in the long run. It’s important to eat well, take care of your mind and body to ensure that you can do the best you can do for your children. Reading books on personal growth, along with ensuring you’re getting the right nutrients can help you be at your best. Tools like MyPlate can help you make sure you and your family are eating what’s best for you.

Make sleep a priority

Without the right amount of sleep, it can be hard to function during the day. Aim for 7 to 8 quality hours of sleep that include some extra time to relax before bed with a book and savor the first few moments of being awake after opening your eyes. If you have a hard time settling down for the night, create a night routine that’s enjoyable. Turn off electronics an hour or so before getting under the covers. Also, be sure to create a comfortable space that promotes a restful experience. That means investing in quality sheets, setting a comfortable room temperature, and blocking off any lights that can interfere with your sleep.

Wrap up

Parenting can be exhausting, but it’s also extremely rewarding. You’re not only helping a child survive, but you’re also allowing them to thrive. But it’s also important to remember that you need to take time for yourself occasionally as well. Whether it’s spending time doing an activity you enjoy or taking a moment to clear your mind, it’s worth it. We hope these self-care tips will be helpful in bringing positive change and peace in your busy life.

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