5 Attractive Retail Packaging Techniques That Surely Boost a Business

Custom Retail Packaging

Every business advertises more and more to target customers and improves sales. There are many techniques to target your potential buyers and enhance company reputation. New research shows that packaging is another tool that companies are using to attract buyers. Many of the buyers claim that they can buy a product with good packaging again. As a result, businesses resort to different retail packaging techniques and come up with new designs in every few months or years.

There are hundreds of packaging designs in the market after the evolution in the printing industry. These days we can design exquisite and sleek-looking designs for our products. As a result, these products can increase sales at a vast level. We are going to discuss some fantastic packaging styles that are very common these days.

Due to the boost in packaging technology, customization is very famous. Every business owner needs attractive custom retail packaging boxes for their new products. Customization in kraft and corrugated packaging is very renowned due to its green to natural properties.

Below we are going to discuss the most popular retail packaging techniques that are very common these days. Then, at the final level, we will discuss eco-friendly packaging.

Parchment Papers:

This paper is based on cellulose and is widely used for baking products. Because of its natural ingredients, this paper is ubiquitous in baking items. The manufacturing process of baking paper is very much typical of tracing paper.

This parchment paper is extracted from natural wood and later on cleared with sulfuric acid. This paper is used in bakery items because of its heat-bearing capability and non-sticky feature. Bakers used to grease the pans before applying baking products, but parchment paper bakers don't need to oil the pans to make them non-sticky.

Corrugated Boxes:

Corrugated boxes are very sturdy packaging material for shipment. Corrugated boxes consist of two to three layers of paper, including different styles and several flutes to give extra rigidity to the packaging material.

Corrugated boxes are the best choice for shipment companies because of their eco-friendly nature and low cost for packaging. In addition, these boxes can be designed and crafted according to needs. Customization is straightforward for this type of boxes. Corrugated boxes replaced plastic boxes and wood boxes for shipment. These boxes are lightweight and very good-looking.

Glass Jars:

Glass jars are mostly used in kitchens and bakery shops to resist moisture inside the container. Glass jars are also used for highly sophisticated medicines and other essential shipments. Unfortunately, these jars are very fragile and bulky, so we cannot use them for every day shipment items. Glass is one of the oldest packing items still used today.

Cling films:

These are very thin and clear plastic film that is used for wrapping food and other packaging materials. For example, these films are widely used in bakeries to cover products and keep them fresh for a long time. This clear film is also used for wrapping retail packaging goods and protect them from damages and scratches. In addition, a medical-grade cling film is used to wrap infants to prevent them from an instant change of temperature.

Woven Sacks:

These sacks consist of pure fiber, or you can say jute. These sacks are used to defend atmosphere changes. This is used for heavy-duty uses. These sacks are used to ship vegetables, Agri products, fruits, and many fertilizers. Many types of cement, sand products also come in these types of packagings.

Paper Bags:

Paper bags consists of Kraft and are highly biodegradable, and therefore, they are considered as the best replacement for plastic bags. This is also the reason why it is being one of the most popular retail packaging techniques in recent years.

Customization in a paper bag or Kraft paper is unique and widely available. You can customize the size or design in a paper bag very easily. Paper is a very cost-effective and recyclable packaging option. We can see these bags in any departmental store or any grocery store. We can laminate paper bags to make them usable for food items. Laminated paper bags do not spill oil outside of the packaging.

Bubble Wraps:

These packaging materials are used to defend delicate products from damages. Almost all of the electronics are wrapped inside bubble wraps. Remember that bubble wraps are not eco-friendly, so we need to dispose of them very carefully. These wraps are used to protect all delicate plastic and glass items while shipping.

These wraps consist of air-filled bubbles to create a bouncing effect for the product. Many electronics products, types of furniture, glassware, and other items come in these bubble wraps. This wrapping is used for the inner packaging of the product. Bubble wrap is also used as a sealing alternative.

Jute Bags:

Jute bags are natural and made of fiber. We can use these plastic bags as an eco-friendly replacement for all types of plastics. In addition, we can print jute bags for our retail packaging. These bags are made from jute are very famous. More enormous sacks that are made of jute can store seeds, vegetables, fertilizers, or any other products.

Shrink Wrapping:

This packaging is a polymer plastic that can cover tightly around any product after applying hot air to them. Shrink-wrapping is a great product to overwrap or defends products from damages and moisture. Given this benefit, shrink wrapping has become one of the most used retail packaging techniques in several industries like sophisticated gadgets, toys, software, food, FMCG, etc.

We can make bundles of different products with shrink wraps. Bottles are usually bundled with each other as a multipack with shrink-wrap. We can cover DVDs, Books, boxes, CD covers, cans with shrink wraps. It is an excellent temperature-resistant product. Shrink-wrap is used on bigger areas to repair damaged roofing temporarily. Companies that deliver boats, cars are covered in shrink-wrap to defend themselves from different scratches during shipment.

Final words:

There are plenty of products that need protection or scratch resistance. Above mentioned retail packaging techniques are used to pack products sturdily. In addition, all the companies use creative designs on their packaging materials to look different. But it is highly recommended to use biodegradable products to prevent nature from plastic.

Every packaging that is harmful to nature has its alternatives in the form of Kraft’s or corrugated packaging solutions. If you are looking for perfect customized packaging for your company or product line, you must visit online packaging solutions to get excellent natural answers. They provide every product on time.

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