5 Reasons for Choosing WordPress CMS over Others

5 Reasons for Choosing WordPress CMS over Others

CMS stands for Content Management System. This is a platform that allows users to publish content on the web. Users can also edit, organize, and add features to their websites using a CMS platform. All these and more are done using WordPress CMS. Users can also allow other people in their organization to edit their content according to different permission levels. 

WordPress is a PHP written Content Management System, used fop u creating websites, blogs, portfolios, real estate property listing sites, web directories, and much more. It began as blogging software in 2003. Its main clients were those who wanted to venture into the blogging world. Since then, it has slowly grown to be a fully-fledged content management system offering numerous web development benefits. 

What makes WordPress a preferred platform is its many features and customization tools, which makes it possible to accommodate different types of requirements in website development. If this doesn’t sound convincing, here are 5 reasons why WordPress CMS is the best.

WordPress CMS is Ease of Use

The best reason why anyone would opt for this platform is its ease of use. There is no other platform out there that can beat WordPress when it comes to usability. Compared to other systems that can be overwhelming, WordPress was specifically designed for noncoders who know nothing about codes. You can easily start your website even if you are a non-tech savvy business owner. This also applies to online shops where you won’t need a developer to help you set up your online store. Everything is built-in including user management, site stats, RSS feeds, and much more.

SEO-ready and Friendly 

Another element that makes WordPress development a favorite to many webmasters is because it comes equipped with all SEO essentials. For any website to thrive it has to be SEO-friendly to become visible to search engines. If you choose WordPress CMS to power up your website you will enjoy its basic standard SEO since the platform is written using the standard compliance high-quality code. This makes it semantically accurate. Speed and performance are also covered in WordPress platform making it perfect for site SEO.

Numerous Themes and Plugins

Whatever website you want to develop, WordPress makes it pretty simple for you with its array of stylish themes. There are thousands of themes for creating any kind of niche website. Whether it’s a restaurant, e-commerce website, tech, or entertainment, WordPress has every theme for any website. You also get plenty of options if you want to customize your website’s looks. WordPress also has thousands of plugins and functions for improved functionality. This makes the platform flexible in many ways. These plugins are developed to enhance specific areas of your website to meet your business needs. Some of the best plugins WordPress CMS offers include Jetpack for stats and search engine optimization, Akismet to remove spam, Yoast for a more advanced SEO, and many more.

Responsive Design 

Many people nowadays use their mobile devices to access the Internet on the go. If your website design is not mobile-fast, you are losing a lot of revenue from potential clients who are always on their smartphones. Now that Google has resorted to rank websites based on their mobile responsiveness, you have no choice but to have a mobile-friendly website. That is why you need a WordPress powered website. This will also help you rank better in search engines. Since a WordPress website is already optimized, you don’t need to worry about your mobile clients. 

Enhanced Security 

Security is a major concern to any WordPress developer. That is why WordPress CMS is developed with high-security standards in mind. If you choose WordPress to run your website, you will sleep easy knowing that the website is secure from any threats. WordPress also releases updates regularly and each update comes with advanced security measures to address recent issues. If you are still not comfortable with provided security, you can take it a notch higher with WordPress security plugins like WordFence.

Since WordPress is optimized for mobile phones, you also need special coding to make this happen. WordPress has everything sorted out for you including code. This is part of the package when you sign up for WordPress. Its clean code ensures that everything runs smoothly as it is required. You will get minimal errors that can easily be solved thanks to WordPress support. For further customization, you can seek services from professional web design services who will give you the best WordPress development services. 

Since WordPress is a popular platform, it has a community of users that are ready to help other users in case they encounter technical and other issues. You will get all the answers related to errors and any other issue that may arise on your site. There are also support forums and blog articles that cater to the platform’s wellbeing. You also get guides and dedicated websites run by developers who are willing to help you in case you run into WordPress issues. 

Final Remarks 

WordPress is the best CMS hands down and the beauty of it is that you don’t need to be tech-savvy to use it since it requires no code to set up. From personal blogs to enterprise-level websites, WordPress CMS has everything needed to ensure that your stay online is comfortable. The system has plenty of plugins to extend its functionality and great support in case you run into problems. 

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