5 Pro Tips to Help You Reduce the Stress of Business Travel

5 Pro Tips to Help You Reduce the Stress of Business Travel

When it comes to business travel, things can get tough with all those long hours, delays and the time away from home. It takes a toll on both the body and mind every time anxiety levels rise due to various bumps on the road.

Things get further complicated if the trip was last minute and if you have to manage the business back home from wherever you’re going. It may sound like a logistical nightmare, but it can be done with minimal stress. Here are the 5 ways to help you minimize some of your business travelling blues.

Plan in advance for your business travel

Plan in advance for your business travel

You may not always get advance notice before your business trip, but whatever time you do have, use it to make a plan ahead. One way to keep yourself ready at any moment is to have a travel bag packed with all your essentials and a variety of clothing for different weather and different occasions. Or, you could have a packing list ready so your last minute packing won't be done in a frenzy when you’re more likely to forget something.

Plan your transport for business travel

Plan your transport

An important part of your advanced preparations is planning for your transport at the destination. Time is money in business and wherever you’re going, you’ll want to minimize the time you spend in transport and get to your hotel and office as fast as possible.

If you're coming from afar, for instance from Western Europe or the US into New Zealand, after a long flight, you'll certainly benefit from car rental at the airport. It may cost more initially, but when you calculate the costs you'd have by getting a taxi and then relying on public transport to get you around the city, you'll see where your benefits lie.

New Zealand has experienced positive economic growth in the last few decades and has become one of the best countries to invest in, especially due to its relaxed entry requirements and dependence on international trade. Auckland Airport is the largest and busiest airport in the country which opens a passage to the North Island. It’s about 20.5 km from the Auckland City Centre and the drive would take you about 25 minutes. Getting a car rental at Auckland airport can save you a lot of hassle and frustration during your business trip as you’ll be able to get to the city in a very short commute and use the car for your needs later.

Pack smart and travel light for your business travel

Pack smart and travel light

As you start packing for the trip, it can be tempting to stock up on technology and pack back up clothing, batteries and shoes, but you’ll regret it once you start hauling your bags. In all but rare cases, you’ll be able to buy an additional charger or a clothing item so it’s not worth packing extra.

Moreover, if you travel routinely, it’s very convenient to have duplicate keys and always keep them in your travel bag. Otherwise, you’ll have to remember to repack them together with your basic toiletries and gadgets. If you have a travel set, you’ll always be ready to go and never forget a thing.

Enjoy the downtime

One of the most important aspects of reducing your stress on a business trip is maximizing your downtime and enjoying every moment away from work. Finding time to unwind and recharge will help you minimize tension, increase productivity and enhance your enjoyment. You might decide to listen to some music in your hotel room or meditate. If there’s a hotel spa, a hot tub or a gym, take advantage of them. Go outside for a brisk walk between your meetings, enjoy the sights and the local cuisine or simply indulge in any leisure activity that relaxes you.

Stay healthy before and during your business travel

Stay healthy

Sticking to your healthy routine while travelling is an important aspect of staying healthy and de-stressing. It’ll also help you go back to your regular daily life once you get back, but make sure you set realistic goals. If you don’t already go running every day, don’t start on your business travel either. Choose an activity you know you’ll do and stick to it, whether it’s swimming, stretching or yoga in your room or simply a brisk evening walk.

Maybe the most difficult aspect is eating healthy while away, especially if there’s an abundance of local delicacies to try. As soon as you arrive, find a local supermarket and stock up on healthy snacks and choose the same or at least similar to the ones you eat at home. Make mindful choices when you eat during the day so you can relax a bit at a dinner hosted by your colleagues.

Any trip, be it for business or vacation, can be stressful simply due to the nature and complexity of travel. Regardless of how prepared you get, there will always be something unexpected. But, by expecting the unexpected and following the tips listed here, you can minimize the stress and actually enjoy the trip!

By Mike Johnston

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