5 Must have Tech for College Students

Technology is an indispensable part of our lives and every profession, and activity seems to have a dedicated device or software of its own that helps to make the tasks simple. With time, technology has also crept in the lives of students, and a student can simply not survive college with only a couple of books to rely on. With this importance of technology in mind, we have compiled a list of 5 Must have Tech for College Students. The techs that we mention here are some of the most useful software and tools that a college student must have in his arsenal.

1. Tablet

Although tablets are yet to reach a level where they can completely replace a computer, they are still not a wrong choice to carry around and take notes. A larger screen gives you an ability to make better notes on the tabs and working on them with a stylus eases all the tasks that you may be looking to do on it. With Android and iOS (for iPad) support, it is less likely that you will feel unfamiliar to the user interface and if we take the Apple devices out of consideration, then you can find out a numerable budget and mid-range tablets which can easily become your daily drivers.

2. Power banks

The power bank is a device that you cannot afford to forget every time you leave home. Every gadget that you carry with yourself can run out of juice if you there is a heavy usage of it and having a power bank assures you that your device is never deprived of power. You can find many power banks in all shapes, sizes, and capacity. Pick a power bank of your suitability and never worry about a low-battery on your gadgets.

3. Antivirus

Malware, Adware, ransomware, fraudulent emails and a long list of other malicious programs are enough reasons for you to worry about your system security. An antivirus software becomes necessary in times like these when everyone is connected to the internet, and you never know what might land on your PC. There are various respected antivirus software out there but if as a student you are looking for cheap solutions then, look out for different offers like Bitdefender Black Friday Sale 2017 and other festive season deals that can comfortably fit your budget and keep your systems safe.

4. MS Office

There are lots of open source office software, but nothing can beat MS Office. Microsoft is a pioneer when it comes to office utility software, and it is something that cannot be compromised upon as a student. The user-friendly interface, universal usage, and support that it offers make MS Office the first choice of millions of users. The MS Office does cost more than the open source software, but you can get it at low prices in the Microsoft Black Friday Sale.

5. Hard Disk

Although cloud storage is not a bad option to save your files but keeping your essential data locally on an external drive does come in handy as you might not have a fast internet connection everywhere. You can find the cheapest of external hard drives in online and offline markets. Do make sure to check the speed of file transfers before you buy one, as it may vary with the models. These devices are compact, light and easy to carry with you.

Author: Ayush Chawla
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